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The bible and history is filled with many troublemakers. People like Moses, Apostle Paul, Daniel in the Lion’s Den, Bob Marley, Dr. Martin Luther King and even Jesus Christ disrupted societal systems, instead of conforming to them. Follow me and let us examine some of our current societal boundaries, some you will recognize from the list outlined below:


  • Go to school, get an education, get a good paying job and work for 30 years, and then retire.
  • After school go on a job interview and since you are fresh out of college, accept the lowest salary, just to get your foot in the door. After all, it is not about the money, but the experience.
  • How about this? Since you are an immigrant, fresh off the boat here in America, you need to pay your dues. Start over. Get some First World experience and build yourself up, we all had to do it—even after having more than 20 years experience than those going after the same job as you.


What box is society telling you to fit into? Maybe you have heard these before.


  • You do not have the right skills for this job or to be promoted. Yet, you have to train, individuals with less experience than you, for the position you were just denied.
  • Your kind does not belong here.
  • You are a woman and you are married, why do you need a raise? You have a husband!
  • You are too young to start a business. Get some corporate experience!


Stop for a minute and think. Is everything inside of you rebelling against what society is screaming, there is a reason for that especially if you are a believer. The bible practically rebels against many of the standards of our day, especially on from an individual standpoint. Look at what the scriptures says:


  1. Whatever you put your mind and hands to according to the will of the creator, you can achieve it.
  2. In your weakness, your creator and eternal Father is made strong!
  3. You are fearfully and wonderfully made.
  4. You have everything you need for life and godliness.
  5. You are the head and not the tail, above and not beneath. You are a lender and not a borrower.
  6. I (God) have given you the power to gain wealth.


Born and raised in Jamaica, my grandma and the culture raised me to be a disruptor. It is a known fact in history that the slaves brought to Jamaica could not be kept in captivity. The four hundred years of slavery experienced here in America, could not gain roots in the Caribbean. Yet, in Jamaica my great grandmother was a slave, so she was forbidden to secure an education. That did not become a barrier for her to learn to read. Since church was mandatory, she learned to read by singing hymns. My mother recalls her beautiful voice bellowing through their home, early in the morning in the rural hills of St. Catherine, Jamaica.  So that inspired my mother to dream greater than her poverty. She daydreamed about traveling to foreign lands and becoming a nurse. Although she became a teenage mother, her dream took her beyond the roadblock. She migrated to the United Kingdom, trained all across Europe, worked with royal families before moving to the United States for greener pastures. It wasn’t easy but she tapped into the warrior within.


How about this other unbelievable story from the scriptures? Physically men should not be able to walk on water, yet Jesus did it and even dared Peter to try. Not one to shy away from the impossible or unchartered territories, Jesus stood against the “Political and Religious Powers” of his day. In boldness and the knowledge of his own power, he called shenanigans and hypocrisy when he saw it! Here in America, Martin Luther King also upset the norm of his times. He threw a monkey wrench into acceptable societal inequality by inspiring and mobilizing the underdog race with his shared ideas. That changed the course for those who were treated as second-class citizens. Even Moses was sick and tired of systemic oppression, so he took the people of Israel and left the only life they had known to rough it in the wilderness, until they made it to the Promised Land.


In my twenty years in America, I’ve seen many immigrant entrepreneurs trailblazing their own path because they are using the freedoms of ownership available in this country, to escape the glass ceilings that accompany the territory of working as an employee. Taking to heart and putting into practice this ideology from their homeland, do not risk everything on one endeavor. So many have a job and a few side hustles, it’s a known joke that Jamaicans and Mexicans are known to hold multiple jobs.


In recent years, I have worked alongside millenials. And they seem to embody the same disruptive spirit. They are non-conformist to what their parents accepted as norm. Many are becoming entrepreneurs instead of laborers. So instead of going to school to become a worker, they are becoming owners. I have witnessed some on the job for a day or few months and if they face mistreatment, nepotism, and in-equality, they will quickly move on. They know this to be true, corporations are not the only way to make a living, but part of a whole. So instead, they take the risk of leaving the traditional full-time job, for freelance opportunities. First jobs with start-up companies are common. Taking a job in another part of the world if opportunities in America are not forthcoming is risk they are willing to take. After all, the world is their oyster, they believe they are enough and their conviction matters. A generation of disruptors will arise and not just America but the world will be better for it.


It is past time.




Action Challenge #3

There is a change agent, a troublemaker in each of us. If you were born in this country, or reside here, you know the history; a troublemaker abolished slavery. If you were not born here, you know the fight it took to get here. Don’t fight to get to the Promised Land and forget the dream to conquer. Paycheck to paycheck is not conquering. Living under massive amounts of debt, is not conquering. Settling in a job because of the economy is not conquering. Make it a goal to create a legacy. Remember and declare on a daily basis, who you are and why you are here, for you are more than a conqueror. The voices in your world will always make sure you hear their opinion, focus on your goal, instead of the sea of voices. You are going somewhere. Call forth the warrior within and fight to get there.


Battle Cry

Don’t flow against the tide, the dominant culture says.

Don’t disturb the societal constructs.

Blend in. Lower your voice. Tone down your personality. Stay still.

Commands issued to keep the decades old operation, in tact.

It is better without the upset, they say.

But better for who?

Not when people and cultures and personalities are all unique.

No, no, no! Go trouble the water!

Don’t conform! Make your ripple effect!

Stop the tide or turn it… So you can make your mark.



The Lord is a warrior; the Lord is his name (Exodus 15:3)

The people who know their God shall be strong, and carry out great exploits. (Daniel 11:32)



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4 thoughts on “Release your inner troublemaker

  1. Oftentimes, we hear the term disruptor and we immediately think “rebel without a cause” rather than us not conforming to society’s box. How many times are we told to “think outside the box”, only problem is that it’s their box and not ours. T. Marie, thanks for reminding us that we are ultimately wired by God and not man and it’s best to stand for something than fall for nothing. #Rebelwithacause

    1. The inherent problem with these systems is they have a mass production approach. Yer Humans have individual passions& interest. After much crushing the rebel emerges to find their own cause.

  2. Could this be any truer? I think not. Thank you for this masterpiece of inspiration, as you so rightly put it we are fearfully and wonderfully made in the image and likeness of God and not of this World, it’s time we started behaving like it. Bless up my friend and keep doing what you are doing.

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