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For those of you who follow this blog and others who have taken the time to read my ramblings, thank you sincerely. To recap, in the last blog post, I shared that we all have greatness on the inside. It is my intention that you own this fact and live in this truth every second of your life. You have a purpose and it is a great one! Believe, that YOU ARE THE ANSWER, to someone else’s problem.

Remember my promise to continue sharing my breakthrough out loud moments (#BOL) from the Speak and Write 2016 conference? OK get ready because this one is juicy!

What I am about to discuss, I believe was one of the pivotal moments for everyone at the conference. Imagine that you are a physician, but a sick one and you know how to treat your illness. On the last day of the conference, we all became physicians in that room and experienced healing in some deep areas of our lives. Well, Lisa diagnosed our problem, prescribed the treatment, but we had to participate in the finished work. Here is how.

On day three, the discussion was about living in full abundance. Lisa wanted to give us a practical application of the lesson.  So we did an activity that focused on breaking the hold of limiting beliefs on our minds. She told us to break up into groups of four. One caveat, we could not be in a group with someone that we knew very well. My girlfriend and I were separated, bye girl! Next, we were instructed to arrange the chairs in a specific order. One chair is in the middle, while two chairs are on either side facing the middle chair and another chair is behind the middle chair. It looked something like this:


In this activity, the person in the middle was to think of one negative belief that someone in their past (parent, teacher, X lover, boss, spouse or even their own negative self-talk) planted in their mind. Examples of limiting beliefs are listed below:

  1. You are a looser and always will be!
  2. You are nothing and worthless.
  3. You will never be loved if you leave me!
  4. You will always be poor; our family has always been this way.
  5. Money is the root of all evil.

You get the idea.  Essentially we were to think of one belief that has crippled us. Then create a counter statement to that thought, using only positive affirmations like the ones below:

  1. I have clarity and I am destined for greatness.
  2. I am wonderfully created. I accept myself and I am worthy.
  3. I am smart.
  4. I give myself permission to love again, I welcome second chances.
  5. Love surrounds me, it fills me up and is so real that I feel the tingling on my skin.
  6. I am a seven-generation wealth creator, money comes to me easily.

Now the person in the middle was instructed to speak the affirmation aloud and the others in the group then responded in unison, “You are ____________.” This went on repeatedly for at least two to three minutes. Personally, the repetition was uncomfortably long. Lisa instructed us to start by speaking in our normal voice level, then move to shouts and finally to a whisper. Say it until you believed it!  I was tempted to stop, but my group kept me going. We all sat in the hot seat but since we rotated clockwise, I was the second one in the group to go through the process.

I did not understand it at the time but in my recent research about the value of affirmations, I found this quote, “Psychologists say that it takes at least SEVEN positivism to cancel out ONE negativism. The constant criticism of the child results in damaged self-worth.” OMG right! Did that just kick you in the gut like it did me? So literally, Lisa was using other voices to replace the limiting belief that perhaps held each person in the group hostage, for a very long time. Whoosh!

This activity broke down the walls for everybody at the conference. I saw grown men weeping, not in secret but loud and live! Men, women, youth, finally breaking free from a belief that probably shackled them for their entire lives. It sounded like a labor ward, transformation, or rebirth in action. Think Hulk transforming but in the reverse. People had been wounded deeply, but they were finally going through “surgery” and taking all the cancerous beliefs out.  Out with the old lie, the beliefs were replaced with healthy ones that repaired the damage.

At the end of the exercise, Lisa asked each person who had gone through the process, to stand in their new power and to be re-introduced to the world as their new self. The great stood up! The unicorns stood up! The world-changers stood up! The wives-to-be stood up! The husbands-to-be-stood up!  The billionaires-to-be stood up!  All of us got the opportunity to stand in our power because clarity and the truth had set us all free! As each person stood up and embraced his or her new self, the other members of the group also jumped to their feet and cheered like a celebrity had entered the room.

This went on until it was time for the final person in the group to take the hot seat. But before they did, Lisa confronted them with this revealing question. “Why do you always put yourself last? This is the pattern of your life. But God is requiring you to step into first place!” I began thinking oh, oh! Lisa continues, “Why do you put everybody else in front of yourself? Some of you need to affirm, I am first!” Even before the exercise began some people standing just lost it, tears were flowing. I watched and I felt those people were giving birth to a new part of themselves. Like babies, they were about to walk for the first time.

To say my girlfriend and I left full, while at the same time emotionally drained and excited about the future is an understatement. We are on a rigorous path of continued self-development.  To keep the momentum, we have read Lisa’s Book Abundance Now, and personally, I can admit, surgery continued post conference. It broke me down, to build me up, ouch, ouch, ouch! I am a work in progress but the abundance is truly real as I continue to engage in the self-work.

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Now both of us belong to a tribe of people who have a road map for their self-development. We have connected with people who are constantly encouraging us. As we left the conference we met an amazing woman, who is a former Vice President, she went through a transition, and her journey is a visual depiction of how a professional woman can reinvent and reposition herself. When we met her, both us said, “God was showing us, it is possible honey.” Stay tuned my friends, for in a few months, I will be barely recognizable. Forty is about to become fabulous and I am inviting you all to come along with me.

As you join me on this journey, I recommend that you read Abundance Now by Lisa Nichols.   If you are ready mentally, the book will move your mindset and life from average to abundant, I guarantee it!

Send me your email in the Contact page of this blog and I will send you a gift.

Action Challenge

Find a quiet place. Turn on your favorite sound, the one that makes you feel calm. It could be classical music, instrumentals, jazz, gospel, or my favorite sounds of the ocean or nature. Take a deep breath, filling your lungs, not just breathing from your chest. Close your eyes and begin to picture yourself, successful! Imagine people giving you a standing ovation. They love you. Feel the love. You have everything you need for life, enough money, enough love, unlimited access to pursue your ideal career, you are in the best shape of your life. You look amazing! You have peace of mind. You are spiritually balanced and you live in the loving presence of God. Can you see it in your mind? Do you feel it? You have no worries. No problems. Your heart is full. Now whisper these words:

  1. I release myself from a scarcity mentality.
  2. I love myself and appreciate myself.
  3. I have the power to create wealth.
  4. I have deep connections with people and I add value to their lives and them to mine.
  5. I deserve to give and receive fulfilling love.
  6. I am a joy magnet.
  7. I am a seven-generation wealth creator.
  8. I am prosperous. I have hope and a bright future.

Digest it! Believe it! Walk in it! This is your new reality. Welcome, you are now on a transformational journey.

We are in this together, you are not alone, things must get better, until next time, I leave you with this juicy quote from Dr. Wisdom, I mean Dr. Charles Ray, “Wherever you go and everyone that you meet understand that you are always on stage!”




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  1. Wow! You did it again and continue to do it…you left me deep in thought… reflecting and digesting each word… I want to read over and over and over…. I choose to walk in my Divine purpose and unshackle myself from my limiting thoughts! I choose to break FREEEEE!!

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