Celebrating your Genius

One of my top strengths is that I am an Achiever. In layman’s terms, I make and accomplish a huge goal and then I just move on to the next goal without stopping to celebrate that defining moment.

It has been two months since the conference that I referenced in my last blog and I am taking the time to celebrate my micro wins.

Today, I feel a sense of fulfillment in my mind, my heart and in my reality. Instead of living in a vacuum, I am living on stage every single day. I am learning to know my voice and use it to inspire the masses. I see and appreciate myself as a woman, a wife, a mother, and a friend. I have learned the value of connections and I practice giving something away every single day.

I celebrate myself for recognizing that I am responsible for establishing, nurturing, and projecting my own happiness. I celebrate my genius and my love for knowledge. If there is a better way, I am going to research until I find it. I celebrate the tingles of happiness that I feel in my heart and on my skin. I celebrate the journey of transformation and my newfound understanding of how to deal with disappointments and rejection. Sharon Begley’s book Train Your Mind, Change Your Brain states humans have an average of 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day. 80% of which is negative! OMG right! But now I know when the negative thoughts come, or the distracting thought tries to capture my attention, all I need to do, is to consciously shut it down. I celebrate that little piece of information. Knowing is half the battle. I love the water but I live far away from the sea, so I surround myself with sounds of the ocean or nature. I love the peace that it gives me and honestly, my mind does not know the difference. I celebrate being by the sea every single day.


I celebrate my relationships, yeees! Loving me first has helped me to love others more deeply and see them so much more clearly. My husband good Lord almighty, what a fine specimen! Calm like tiny waves hugging the seashore. Giving like new blossoms in spring. He is reliable like the sun rises to break the day. Hands-on, that man can fix or build anything! I celebrate his spirit and his presence.

My siblings oh Lord I celebrate them. These guys and gals are so accomplished, so smart, so handsome, driven, beautiful, and funny! They keep me laughing many times throughout the day. I love them deeply.

My children, seeds of my union, a royal generation, a rip-off of daddy and I. I celebrate that they are here, they are different, apart of my tribe, lavishing me with love, hugs, and kisses. They teach us how to live an unselfish life. I honor them.

My mama, a tiny little powerhouse! Her sacrifices to make sure I would never experience poverty or hardship the way she did, I am forever in her debt. The example of living your dreams, I inherited from her. She describes herself as 5 feet, nothing in her socks. Through her, I learned the power of being a woman.

I celebrate my dad. He is the funniest, smartest man alive. I will never forget how you walked me down the isle and when we danced at your 70th birthday. Those moments I will cherish forever.

I celebrate my grandma! 95 and let me tell you, there are no words to describe what this woman means to me, her faith framed mine.  I believe the impossible because of her.

Friends, a village, a tribe, work family, I celebrate you for stretching me, for pushing me, for correcting me and helping me, be the very best me.

Professionally, I celebrate coaching a young woman who needed a road map to starting her professional career. I celebrate training a small business staff to become more versed with using social media to reach new customers and increase their bottom-line.

It is Celebration Day on this blog. Who or what are you celebrating, and why? Whether it’s a gig you picked up, your current business, your intentional self-development, your family, spouse, children, your own self-love, your spiritual breakthrough? Share a comment as your way of joining this party!

Action Challenge

It is so easy to see the things that are not going right. Or the person that is out to get you. Can you turn that thought off today? Chances are it was the same as yesterday. Shut that thing down and replace it with absolutely positive self-talk. Get in front of the mirror and tell yourself how proud you are of your accomplishments. I started on December 5 and will be doing it for 21 days. Celebrate your micro wins. Very soon, they will become macro victories.



The young women will dance for joy, and the men—old and young—will join in the celebration. I will turn their mourning into joy. I will comfort them and exchange their sorrow for rejoicing. (Jeremiah 31:13)


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Protagonist. Diplomat. Conceptual. T. Marie at the core is a connector. She connects women to their purpose, so that they can influence the world. In this blog she writes to share her faith, and failures, hope and resilience, just simple inspiration to win in life.

11 thoughts on “Celebrating your Genius

  1. Today I celebrate Me , Myself, and I . I am celebrating me because I’m accepting , embracing , and loving my authentic self.

  2. I love this. I’m so inspired and encouraged to think happier, more positive thoughts. I had a rough week…reading this has truly helped me see the brighter side.

  3. I love this. I’m so inspired and encouraged to think happier, more positive thoughts. I had a rough week…reading this has truly helped me see the brighter side.

  4. Reading this was so inspirational. Just the thought of celebrating whatever you think is important in your life can make such a huge difference.
    For me I celebrate the blessings of my Creator who has been so awesome in taking such great care of me and my family daily, constantly watching over us as we go about our daily duties, providing, sheltering and blessing us with food on our table, taking away all sickness and diseases from our body. What a celebration!
    I celebrate the joy that I have in my spirit daily that I’m able to smile even when things do not go my way.
    I celebrate the love that I have for my children, and likewise the love and admiration that they have for me. The closeness that we share wherein we are always laughing and joking around.
    I celebrate my friends near and far who have been with me since childhood and still remain close. I celebrate new friends who are dear to my heart who are not afraid to tell me if I’m tripping.
    I celebrate that God has spared my life to see 64 years young, and still able to dance the bugaloo and ska.
    I celebrate me for loving myself first, doing the best that I possible can with what I have to work with, patting myself on the back when I have accomplish a project, trusting God for my every need, and looking into the mirror and say, Girl, you’re beautiful inside and out, and yes, very cute. Lol.

      1. Me too, this party is hot, hot, hot. These are the things that we need to speak about to bring change in our lives. Brothers and sisters getting together in love and harmony bringing to the table love, peace, and harmony.

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