You are a magnet!

Happy New Year Friends!  Every morning my sons look at their reflection in the mirror and say, “This is the best day of the year!”  I wish for you the very same.


We all know that like attracts like, it’s the law that says what you focus on, becomes your reality, whether negative or positive. Recently, I saw that concept up close.


Right before the holidays I attended my last meeting for the year. More than 50 people were in attendance. The presenters were a special group, four women and a man shared examples of their projects. They produce television news that is inspiring. Now that’s really unusual in the grand scheme of things because News tends to be on the negative side.


At the front of the room, the Director of the team sat on a stool front & center, while two of her producers sat left and two others sat right of her.  She kicked off the meeting and projected an attitude that we are all family here. She spoke calmly with zero nervous energy.


I couldn’t help but notice that right in front of her, the people at the front of the room, were the rest of her team. They all wore matching shirts and matching smiles.  It was a diverse group, emitting genuine happiness and an essence of unity.  Though the content was intriguing, something else dominated my focus.


I couldn’t help but see the correlation between the inspiring content, the friendly inviting leader and the obviously supportive & happy team.  I sat consumed by my inner questions, what kind of woman is this? Can goodness be so tangible? Captivated by her essence, right there, I had an epiphany or what I’ve described in my other posts as #BOL, breakthrough out loud.  We are what we attract.


As I pondered the epiphany all afternoon long, I couldn’t help but search myself and also look at the big picture. Among my thoughts were the following:

  • There is really no need to search for the ideal opportunity or the uber positive team, be the positivity that you seek.
  • If I’m off centered, chaos and people who play small and think small will be drawn to me.


Too often we invest time in the search, instead of spending a fraction of that time, working out the kinks in our own personality. If we live with the understanding that we’re always on stage, guess what we’ll also be mindful and intentional about how others experience us.


Napoleon Hill Foundation says it this way, “Your mental attitude determines what sort of friends you attract. If you want to be a positive, successful person, be sure you choose your friends carefully. Positive friends and role models will have a positive effect upon you, while negative friends will soon kill your initiative. Do not allow yourself to be lulled into complacency by the masses who believe mediocrity is an acceptable alternative. Focus on the possibilities for success, not the potential for failure. When you doubt yourself, talk the situation over with a positive, supportive friend. Everyone needs a boost now and again; make sure your friends are positive, success-oriented people who always build you up, not negative thinkers who always seem to find a way to tear you down.”


Today, I’m more committed than ever to iron out my own kinks, increase my positivity, in thought & speech, practice expressing gratitude, offer words of inspiration, visualize, affirm and take intentional steps toward my desired outcomes. Basically titivating my inner person to become more attractive.

What about you? What can you titivate to make yourself more spiritually attractive?

I believe that once I focus on this approach, I’ll become a magnet for kindness, a magnet for opportunities and a magnet for people who play big in the world.

For 2017, shift your focus to pursue only positive outcomes. Negativity is always fighting to capture your attention. Don’t let it!

Until next time, I honor the greatness in you!

Action Challenge
What do you see when you lay in bed at night? Where is your focus when you wake up in the mornings? If you assess that your problems dominate your thoughts, let’s shift that starting right now!
I’ve created Scripture Picture Daily Inspiration to help you guide your mind to focus on the positive for the next 21 days starting today.

You can find it on my Resource Page. Click here to Register

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Protagonist. Diplomat. Conceptual. T. Marie at the core is a connector. She connects women to their purpose, so that they can influence the world. In this blog she writes to share her faith, and failures, hope and resilience, just simple inspiration to win in life.

12 thoughts on “You are a magnet!

  1. Incredible reminder to focus on our blessings…Tina, you and your family are certainly one of mine!

  2. You are what you think, you are whom you attract. Show me your company and I tell you who you are.

  3. Thank you for sharing this Wonderful Blog! I have definitely been expired. You are really on point with this one. I needed this this morning… Lately, I have been feeling some type of way and this blog has really helped me to change my thought process.

    A much needed double shot of spiritual expresso.

    Thank you and have an AMAZING day!

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