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My grandma is 95. Always active, she earned the name “physical Mother Ford.”  My motivation to encourage others came from my Grandma. No matter how low you felt, she could inject inspiration & prayer into your life.

2016 was rough for her. She had two hip surgeries. Though her mind was sharp, her body surrendered to the realities of getting older. For months she went through depression.  Walking seemed impossible and falling felt inevitable. She refused to try to move, if someone didn’t move her. She did physical therapy every week, but that was it!
Grandma called on Sunday with some news. She said, “Honey, I’ve been talking to the Lord.” I knew from that statement that grandma was about to testify about a miracle. She continued, “Lord I am moving before the end of the month. So when I woke up this morning, I sat up.”

I want you to understand that this is the first miracle. She refuses to move without help. Always too tired. Literally crying if her helpers didn’t get to her a second after she called.
She continued the story, “I tried to move again but couldn’t. Then I said, in the name of Jesus I am moving today. Honey, I pressed my fist into the bed and I felt my arms charge up. Honey, guess what, your grandma got up on her feet and shuffled to the walker.”

At this point, I am shouting for joy, the kids are clapping 👏. We started singing, both kids joined in and then ran to play a song on the piano. There is literally a party in my house.
W. Clement Stone in his book, Success through a Positive Mental Attitude states “The power of mental thinking is not creative unless it is followed through with action.”

The scriptures says it this way, Faith without works is dead.”

So obstacles are a given in life, but if you learn to expect them, put a system down to work around them and really power through when the obstacle appears, success will be yours. It is for those who dare to swim against the current.

But how do you swim? Like my grandma, she shifted her thinking. She flipped the switch of her mind to a positive mental attitude. She then put a goal in place with a deadline for when she would accomplish the goal. Then every day she got up and sang, prayed to fill up her spirit with hope. At the same time she chipped away and eventually eliminated the negative mental attitude. Once her mind got stronger, she moved into action by speaking life into her very numb feet. That’s when God showed up to help his weak daughter.

She achieved a baby step success last weekend. And ever since then, she is turning up the volume on encouraging herself.

She’s not walking yet but guess what, she’s preparing to and I don’t doubt that she will. Like a plane on the runway, that’s my grandma. Take off is coming, wait for it…


What limiting situation/s are you facing? Maybe something that seems so widespread, you have come to accept it as normal. Is it limited resources? A broken dream? Loneliness? Depression? Or like grandma learning to walk again at 95 years old. You know your limitation. How can you begin to think about it positively? What words can you say to yourself to remind yourself out loud that you are moving away from the limited place? When is your deadline? What action will you join with your faith? Now move!

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With love, your inspiration sister!

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