Birthday Celebration 

Sharing my best friend’s blog today, because real joy is truly contagious!  She’s a woman in her 40’s embracing her new chapter.  As you know I struggled with turning the Big Four O.  It’s like I had entered the ancient ruins to the tombs of life.  I know dramatic right? That’s my experience and as I settle into this new space, it’s good to know, I am older and with a lot of divine help, I am truly wiser.
Enjoy her journey and listen to her heart.  You’ll see why I love this girl.

I celebrated my birthday this week and as with each year I use the day to reflect on where I am and where I hoped to be. In the past I can admit I use to hate the reflection because I was extremely hard on myself. I always thought that I should have been further ahead in my career and if the career track was ok, then I moved on to thinking my life should be better in some way.  Others looking in on my life from the outside would assume that I had it altogether, I had everything I needed and probably I did at some points. But as soon as my birthday came around and the self-evaluation began; I didn’t see or feel anything was working the way I expected.

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