Stepping up higher


Welcome Friends. Whether you are new to my blog or a regular, I am happy that you are here because I have exciting information to share with you. Since my last blog so much has changed.


For starters, school is out. Many have graduated and summer months are here. For children, it is the time to rest, reflect on pitfalls and the opportunity to define strategies for future successes. For graduates, it is the end of a chapter and beginning of another. For adults, there is a break in the routine and since half the year has passed, it’s a natural place to break and re-evaluate if our January plans are on track.


In fact, as fall approaches, both kids and adults will be entering a new phase of their lives— one more level up. That’s life; there is always another level, a new project, and something else to overcome.


Are you on the cusp of something new? It’s something you have never done before. It may appear extremely difficult. Maybe your fears are shouting loudly in your mind; the task ahead seems overwhelming!


Yet, you take the plunge. Like a baby with wobbly knees, you take the first step. Your fears are confirmed. Indeed, it is even more complicated, than you imagined. In fact, you are in total darkness about the outcome. You cannot see the end, simply because you’ve never been there before.


Life challenges. New Projects. Next level. All have uncertainty swirling around them. In that place of darkness, it is vitally important to stay connected to the one who knows the beginning and the end. Although you cannot see, He already knows, where your feet will land.


Recently, I went through moments of intense darkness and uncertainty.  I had a couple of weeks where I’d been tasked with some new responsibilities. The first thing that came to mind was fear. This is unfamiliar territory, how am I supposed to do this?


Flying blind, my first attempts felt like climbing up a mountain. I made a checklist of how to tackle the big project. I drew a mind map to visualize the order of my strategy, so I could take action. But I still got stuck and overwhelmed. After that came mind block, the clear plan had taken a hit.


I acknowledged that place of darkness but decided to shift my focus. Jehovah Ori means “The Lord my Light.” I know that I am not made to park in darkness but bring light to it. Therefore, I called forth Jehovah Ori into my situation. I praised Him for opening my eyes and giving me 20/20 vision to see my way out. I thanked Him for having a successful plan for my way forward. After that, I asked for divine strategies and tactics to overcome my fear of uncertainty. My friends, He is all knowing, even when we don’t know where to go.


I am also very clear, on who controls and dwells in darkness; whose mission it is to keep me from seeing. If I am bombarded by negative thoughts like these, it’s my cue to re-focus:


  1. I can’t do this!
  2. It’s too hard.
  3. I do not have the resources or intellect.
  4. This is the hand I’ve been dealt, I can never get out.
  5. My life won’t be better because, for generations, all my family struggled this way.
  6. Prosperity is for someone else.


This is when I acknowledge the lie, rebuke and resist the blindness blocking my insight. From there, I reject the idea that anything is too big for me.  Instead, I take authority and remind myself that I am completely, spiritually, mentally equipped to handle anything that comes my way.


Those revelations are like flipping the switch in a dark room.  Friends, never invite the darkness to consume you. When you sense that it is growing and taking over your mental real estate, to the point where it starts to keep you up at night, it is time to shift your focus.


Who matters most to you? Connect with them in a meaningful way. Let them know just how grateful you are for them. Play. Live. Laugh hard. Connect. Force yourself off the mental treadmill of negativity and draw close to the ones who are entrusted to you. This break will bring you inspiration.


One night as I’m coming home from work,  a scripture came to my mind. “His DIVINE POWER has given to us ALL things that pertain to Life and Godliness, through the knowledge of Him who called us by glory and virtue.”  You know why I remembered that scripture?  Well the big ol’ scary, daunting project, with God’s help, I nailed it!

You and I have the divine power to figure out any difficult situation. There is absolutely NOTHING that you nor I cannot get out of. My friends, once illuminated by the Spirit of God, you can do the impossible. You can see the invisible. You can achieve what seems unattainable. Unstoppable, yes you are! My girlfriend says this all the time God plus me we’re the majority. With God, NOTHING IS TOO HARD TO FIGURE OUT! King David says it this way, “With you, I can charge into battle; with my God, I can leap over a wall.”


As the rest of the year is stretched out ahead of you, know this my friends— you’re fully equipped to handle anything that comes your way.


For the Fathers and for those who face uncertainty right now, this is your prayer.



Lord my next level and my new endeavors are daunting. Especially when the outcome is uncertain.  Lord, thank you for already equipping me with all things to successfully get to the other side of my mountain. Jehovah Ori please illuminates my way. Dispel the darkness and the negative thoughts that are fighting for control of my mind. Open my eyes that I may see. Give me a divine revelation. I call forth revelation for the way forward and divine strategies to get there.


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Wish my niece the best, she finished High School yeah!!!!


Until next time, I call forth His Divine Power to activate in you!


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