My Boss The Jerk!

It amazes me that adults resort to bullying their staff and have become so delusional in believing that the strategy will keep their staff loyal and productive. These same people I’ve noticed have two personalities. They’re the smartest and nicest people in front of their own bosses but they become a dragon to those under them. Except of course, those one or two people in their inner circle. The ones they chose to give the assignments to or help with their work, like they think the rest of the staff is blind. Seems Jerk/Bully Bosses are intentional about who they respect and who they don’t.

Then can we talk about that ever lasting, never ending “Other duties list?” Where they dump and dump on you forever. If it offers no advancement, doesn’t come with a raise, was someone else’s responsibility who was too lazy to do it, so they dumped it on the donkey–you, remember “No” is a complete sentence.

Sometimes labor today, looks like slavery of yesterday. The difference here however is you can say no. What about when the Bully Boss goes all passive aggressive on you. Like making your work environment so uncomfortable that you hate going to work. Turning up the volume on oppression because they know you need the job and won’t quit. Like they’ve launched an all out war against you!

Typically I war in my prayers. I’ve seen God take care of so many Bully Bosses myself. What do you do?

Read on for more on Jerk Bosses and if someone is bullying you at work, put it in the comments. We will start a prayer chain for this.

Bottomline, if you’re in leadership, don’t be a bully. (Tweet this)


On another note, the eclipse was an awesome experience this week.  But I gotta admit, I had a little eclipse blues the day after.  On eclipse day there was just a wonderful togetherness.  Kids in schools gathered to view it together, people went to the mountains, co-workers viewed from a deck, I loved it.

Well if just love science, simple love looking at the beauty of God’s creation or want to escape into the futuristic world of a little kid’s mind.  Check out my son’s book, the Cosmic Quest here.  It will bring your science high back.

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6 thoughts on “My Boss The Jerk!

  1. SO true! This is when I dig my heels in, stand firm and take spiritual authority over the situation, all while keeping a smile. Remember, our fight is not against flesh and blood! Pray them into submission! 🙂 🙂

  2. I truly can relate, I pray for myself to become a stronger individual and more focus person in whatever I do.
    When you have a bully bosses you tend to loose sight and focus to do your tasks/ duties and feel at unease to do anything .

    1. Father We stand together with people who are feeling bullied in their place of employment. We lift them up to you. Strengthen the oppressed. Set the captives free. Remind them that their strength comes from you and you have given them liberty. Give them directions for the next move and give the divine strategies to execute your will in this situation. Heal employees from PTSD that comes from dealing with this stress. Mental & spiritual attacks in the workplace have become a burden on so many people’s back. Take the burden Lord.

      I also pray for bosses today who are abusing and bullying their staff. Lord teach them to lead effectively, whatever insecurities they face help them to walk in truth instead of pretending to be something they are not. I pray for wisdom for them and internal peace. Give them a heart to develop their staff to their full potential and if they remain in a spirit of Pharoah, remove them in Jesus name.

      Let every power of the oppressor be broken over our lives. And cover us under the shadow of your wing, in Jesus name. Amen

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