When life stinks

If you are reading this, it means you woke up this morning.  You my friend, opened your eyes. You can see the sky. You have breath and life.

Let’s listen this together.

Thanks for coming back to my blog.  The trials of life often takes front and center of our thoughts– everything that’s going wrong is easy to repeat and remember. But the routine things like breathing, waking up to see another day, and having another chance to hug our loved ones is so often overlooked or frankly not the center of our focus.

In fact, when things go wrong, they fight to consume our minds. For example when you find yourself awake in the middle of the night, is it usually happy thoughts? Things like being grateful that you’re still breathing.  Are you thinking about the good things happening in your life?

On the contrary, if we’re honest we can admit that many times the wheels of our minds are turning, fully consumed with a problem. But when someone dies, suddenly, things come into perspective.  As a result, we’re more aware that we can choose to fight or unite.  We can fret or count our blessings.  We realize that both taking a simple breath and opening our eyes daily, are indeed miracles. It means we have another opportunity to live, laugh, and love the ones in our lives.

Two weeks ago, I travelled to the island of Jamaica. The eldest member of my family departed this life. She was almost a century–99 years and 4 months. Our family was looking forward to her hitting triple digits. Even her Pastor had a big surprise celebration planned. Although, she lived so long and got so close to that monumental age, that birthday did not come.

Aunty Amanda in blue cutting her last birthday cake

As a family we could have been drowning in sorrow. But we didn’t because her life was long and full. Rich with faith and numerous possibilities. In fact, she was born poor, but never stayed that way.  Along with her sisters, they farmed, saved and helped each other out of poverty.

While growing up, the sisters Ruth, Amanda, Birdie (my grandma) and Jane, walked barefooted for miles, carried buckets of water on their heads and washed their clothes in the river because their home had no running water. Life was hard. Yet, they changed the course for the next generation. While their hearts pounded inside their chest, they made a mark on the future. Before the beat of their heart went silent, they gave life their all.

Today, I raise my glass and say, “Cheers to life.” For all the ups. For all the downs. For the lessons. For the bounce back. For my Grand Aunts who made life better for me. For each and every beat, of, my heart! Cheers!

Aunty Amanda, my brothers & my grandma

By the way, Tuesday was my 🎈 birthday 🎉…  Cheers to me! Hip hip Hurray! I’m happy to share this birthday with you.  It was also my birthday twin’s special day… Cheers to Leroy Plummer!

Can you think of something simple, that you have taken for granted. Give it a second thought, could it be blessing? Share it in the comments, so we can raise our glasses to you.

At the break of dawn,

Squinting eyes slowly crack open.

Close it again to keep too much light from flooding in.

Open wide, when you’re ready because you realize,

Through the window, you can catch a glimpse of the sky.

The miracle of another day is yours.
Fill your lungs, with a big deep breath.

Exhale, force the air out.

Hear your breath. That’s miracle #2.

Feel your fingers. That’s another miracle.

Sit up and smile.

For you are still alive, cheers to life!
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16 thoughts on “When life stinks

  1. Full gratitude for a beautiful Friday – it is approx 74 degrees and I am grateful for life, my baby girl, family , friends and being in the moment! Additionally, the peak of my day will be “spending the day with my sister”!!! Wohoooo – she just celebrated a birthday! I am blessed and truly favored!!!!.

  2. I am truly grateful for every one of the ups and downs that have contributed to my faith, trust in Jesus, and who I am today! I am grateful for what God is doing in the lives of my children and family! I am also grateful for this timely reminder! TODAY is a great day!

  3. Thanks for sharing! Such a wonderful reminder to never take our lives for granted. A special big up to Grand Aunt who lived such a long and fulfilled life. The true meaning of success, when she did all she could to pave the way and made a difference, so you all could have a better, and more enjoyable life. Cheers to Auntie! May her soul rest in peace, and cheers to you Tina for sharing such a wonderful blog!

  4. Agreed… will never take life for granted! Thanks for the Big birthday shout out twinnie! Hope you had a great one, cheers!

  5. Reading this blog a little late….but the Lord woke me up this early to be ministered to by your words of encouragement. God has blessed us in so many ways. Cheers for all who have gone on before. Like the song says “Only whats done for Christ will last.” Blessings my sweet Sis. May Christ continue to use you in this way.

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