Get help… Rise up… Win!

WordPress Anniversary

I’m starting out this blog post with a party! Cheers to a year of writing stories for you!

Here is a little reggae for your soul this morning.

When my youngest son decided it was time to walk, no matter how many times he fell, he would bounce right back up. Sometimes standing on shaky legs, he fell down, over and over again. The seesaw of learning to walk, was sometimes frustrating but this little person charged back on his feet. His only focus was getting up and staying up. At times, he would fall hard, and I could see the shock on his face, but if I gave him my hand for support, he grabbed it and sprung right back on his feet.

There was no thinking about it. Something in him understood that he was made to walk. The little guy kept trying, until one day, with no help, he took one step, then another and soon my little happy feet started moving faster than he expected. Before long Jon Jon began running everywhere.

That memory reminded me, that we were born with an eagle mentality. No matter how much of an underdog we feel in one moment. No matter how stagnant or helpless. No matter how down and out we feel now, the next moment when our strength kicks in, we can soar. Sometimes our power is running low, but a hand from a mother, sibling, true friend, spouse can pull the one running on fumes back on their feet.

I’ve experienced running on fumes many times, even this week. But hard times, uncertainty, fear is no match to God’s purpose for our lives. In the scriptures, He sent a raven to feed people in a famine. Jesus called a corpse dead for days back to his feet. I’m getting excited because listen my friends no matter how ordinary you feel, low, and even dead…you are born to walk, run, and even fly.

Rise up my friends, I give you my hand, and the word of the Lord.

  • Be strong in the Lord and the power of His might!
  • I declare his strength to help you get up.
  • Where you feel like an underdog, I declare you are an overcomer.
  • I declare success and progress where you feel spiritually, mentally, physically and financially stagnant.
  • I declare that God himself will be your help where you feel helpless. For all of your help comes from the Lord.
  • I declare you will arise and shine and the glory of the Lord is upon you.
  • I speak life over you, blessings, power and a sound mind.

Now get up and shine! What is that thing you’re putting off? Where do you feel blocked? Do you need help and don’t know how to ask? Feel like your dreams are just too big, out of reach? Maybe self doubt is swirling in your mind. I have been there my friend and it is not easy, but you and I are made to overcome difficult situations. You and I are born strong! So come on now, be bold and strong for the Lord your God is with you!


Action Challenge

Go ahead on those shaky feet, post in the comments a project you’re dreaming of accomplishing but it seems too big. Are you trying to figure out the next step, but feel overwhelmed? Maybe it is and maybe just one person reading this blog can help you take a step towards making one of your dreams into reality. The first step however is to write that vision down and make it plain. You are not an island we all need help. Trust me I am preaching to myself but with God’s strength, and someone’s help, your dreams can live. Who will be the first to put their private dreams in the public spotlight? Will it be you?

God's Plans



Cheers Corner

Happy Birthday to my brother Mike Tenn!

Happy Birthday my friend Stacy!

Cheers to life!  My mom turned 77 last week, yeah!!!!  Look at her out over six decades ago on her first day in the U.K.  I’ll tell you that story in another blog.


Here’s more music to celebrate life. It’s from my brother, the Musical Storyteller! Cheers to his new single! Smooth Mood available here

Cheers to my son the little author! You can get his books here:

How to get a girl friend

The first time he wrote a book, he was 10 years old. The book had pictures and step by step instructions for how kids can wins friends. Ebook available here

The Cosmic Quest

He wrote a 10-chapter novel, with an imaginary world of two boys on an adventure. I invite you to come along for the journey inside his creative imagination.  Ebook available here


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6 thoughts on “Get help… Rise up… Win!

  1. Happy Anniversary Tina!

    Once again another great message… a wonderful reminder that when we are down, it’s only for a time cause we were made to soar, rise up! Thanks for the reminder friend!

    BTW…Etana looks like you in that video!

  2. Happy 1st Anniversary Tina!!🎉
    Your blog is doing great! Keep the good vibes and inspirational messages flowing!


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