Fear is no match for your gifts

This week I have been praying pretty consistently.  I can tell you the feeling of setting an appointment with God and spending time with him has been so refreshing.    I learnt something about the spirit of fear this week.  So that is what this blog is about.  Listen to the words of this song.

This week in my prayer time, I read this well known scripture, “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” I’ve read this and even memorized it, so many times before. This time I decided to read the verse directly above it in the passage. That verse states, “Therefore I remind you to stir up the gift of God which is in you.”‭‭

So I started wondering why are the verses in that order? Right after encouraging the reader to stir up their God given gifts, is an instruction to not be afraid. Why?

img_0719I realize people are often afraid to stand in their gifts. These are the same gifts that make us unique. These are the same gifts that no one else can do as good as us. These are the same gifts and talents that makes us a force of power in the hands of our God.

The question for you is do you know your gifts? Answer these others. What do people often compliment you for? Why do people see that you’re awesome in your talents and you don’t? Why is it so easy for you to flow in your gifts when helping others but when it comes to embracing your own power for you, you hold back?

Friends, I too am often guilty of holding back when it comes to giving to myself, but sometimes we need to remind ourselves of our extraordinary uniqueness. Friends your gifts and talents are designed to make room for you and according to the scriptures, they will bring YOU before kings.

So if you are afraid to move forward in your gifts, I share this quote from Joyce Meyer.
img_0814In other words just keep moving. With your heart pounding in your throat, do it afraid.  With wobbly knees go ahead deliver that manuscript for your book.   Take the lead and stir up those dreams you’ve placed on the back burner. Come on, record and release that album.  How about taking on that project that seems too big for you. My sister calls those massive projects #operationmindblown.  You my friends and family are gifted and with a spirit of power, God can use you and make you soar!


Be encouraged my friends to lean in, stand, keep climbing because your spirit of power is greater than your spirit of fear! (Tweet this)


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I call forth your Divine Power,

To give me strength to live life in this hour.

So many dead ends, struggles, fears and lack.

With your divine power I can win this attack.


The spirit of fear, fills my mind with doubt.

At the idea of stepping out.

With a push from a friend, “You can do it!”

I take a step forward, but fear rises in my throat.

Boom, boom, boom my heart swells in my chest.

But I must move ahead, so I take a step.

On wobbly knees another step.

Because I have what it takes to soar in my next.


I am gifted, sparks of excellence on the inside.

Dreams, talents and stories that I hide.

I must fan the flames, so it spreads like wildfire.

I have what it takes to live in accelerated favor.

For God’s divine power is all I need.

To step into my destiny.

Lord let your power be activated in me.

And let fear depart from me.


Cheers Corner



Happy 97th birthday to my Grandma!  Most people call her “Aunt Bee.”  To know her is the love her.  She has faith like no one I know.  My Grandma once stood up to a robber on a bus and chased him off, running behind him for two miles, like a Super Granny!  She has lived in her Spirit of Power!  Be on the lookout for my book about growing up with this tower of strength in the islands.


 IMG_0462Happy Eleventh Anniversary Sister and my Brother-in-law!

Today is her birthday.  Happy Birthday my sweet sister. Gifted, talented and real woman of action and love.

Here’s more music to celebrate life and love. It’s from my brother here, a saxophonist called the Musical Storyteller!  If you’re looking for live music for your event, he can serenade your soul.  Cheers! Here’s his new single Smooth Mood

Here’s a taste of his music:

Check out some people in my life who are standing in their gifts.  Click here

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