When all hell breaks loose

I’m a little speechless, a little more reflective this morning. As mentioned in my previous blog, I’ve been on 21 days of prayer. Not just me but my whole church family.  There is a schedule, so every hour of the day someone is praying.
We’ve been going after the Lord, praying for everything from family to our nation to next level. In these days we need spiritual encounters with God now more than ever.  
Not sure if you notice, but life is getting harder, and we need God’s direction. Disasters back to back are no longer a surprise.  We need God’s protection. Darkness and evil are front and center.  We need God’s guidance and His hand leading us.
Things are changing fast and furious. Stress is rampant. People feel beat up by life! Depression keeps knocking at our doors. Fear is looming all around. Faith sometimes evade the faithful! Lost dreams have left people just running on empty in Zombie mode.
This week for me has been pretty interesting. All hell seemed to be breaking loose. After it got to the point where the very thing I was praying for started getting worst. I started laughing. I realize that the adversary was coming in like a flood.  

After laughing, I praised more, after praising I prayed more. Do you know why? For me evil attacks are the clue that God is up to something big in my life! The enemy has no new strategy, he’s predictable.  So I lifted my faith and continued praying daily. I stayed on my knees because my God is a WayMaker, Miracle worker, Promise Keeper and Light in the darkness.
Last night I went to church certain that there would be shift! The youth and adult choir combined forces in our night of praise and worship called Dwell.

Friends I am still tingling inside and crying but certain that God visited us last night face to face, heart to heart, and spirit to spirit. We were so raptured into His loving embrace.  
If you have never had an encounter with my Divine Heavenly Father, it’s a spiritual high filling the depths of your soul! It fills the empty spaces, refreshes the broken and dry areas and revives the forgotten dreams. It leaves you feeling more alive than you’ve ever been. Reality feels like one big dream. Yet your God given dreams are at the forefront of your focus. 
People experienced healing.  Others had their joy restored!  Power came back to many movers and shakers who were just laying low.  I am expecting to hear multiple mighty miracles in the next few days and I’ll bring you those stories.
Faith becomes more than a belief. God becomes a true and real experience.  

If you haven’t had a one-on-one with God before, I pray He will visit you personally this week. I pray He fills every inch of your longing for love. I pray He will make Himself real to you. May you feel His warm embrace and the power of His presence. May freedom come to every area of your life in this very moment!

Lord, your presence is rich and warm,

Like steam in a sauna

It forces impurities out of my spirit

It heals me where I’m broken

It charges me where I’m dead

It enlightens the way before me.

You wake. You arise. With your glory in me.

Hold on to me and I’ll hold on to you.

My body now weak, my spirit now strong.

Published by T. Marie

Protagonist. Diplomat. Conceptual. T. Marie at the core is a connector. She connects women to their purpose, so that they can influence the world. In this blog she writes to share her faith, and failures, hope and resilience, just simple inspiration to win in life.

12 thoughts on “When all hell breaks loose

  1. Lord, clean this house from the inside out. Restore me! This is the season for temptation, struggles, challenges but there will be a Breakthrough! I believe it and I receive it!

  2. You already know, something enormous, and powerful is coming your way. It’s going to be a wonderful break through! Just keep praying and believing, It’s already done!

    1. Amen !! What you said happened last night sound like the good old times days of worship! !continue to worship in one accord, and surly you will see the might works of God move hallelujah!
      !!!! 👍👏

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