When life demands a pivot

In my all-girls high school, I along with my classmates played netball during PE. It’s similar to basketball here in the US.

One key to moving the ball up & down the court was the technique of pivoting. If one of us caught the ball she had to land and plant one foot on the ground.

If she decided to shift the direction of the game, she would balance, and use the other leg to turn her body in another direction, without moving the planted leg.

Once her direction had been switched, she would keep her head up and pass the ball to the player of her choice. All this is done very quickly, any delays would open her up to having the ball stolen by an opposing team player.

The idea of pivoting has been heavily on my mind all week. There are moments in life when pivoting is absolutely necessary.

In the game of netball, a player could have caught the ball but might be facing the opposite direction of their team’s goal post. Like that player as we’re going through life we might re-evaluate our goals and find out that the direction we’re headed is not in alignment with the pathway to achieve those new goals.

In fact, goals are always shifting, especially with new information. That information calls us to take action and make a change.
Look at this video:


This chicken was headed towards a destination but refused to pivot, so he kept circling and got no where. Not until an external force was added, forcing the chicken to pivot, and in turn he found a way forward.
Growing, changing, pivoting are all essential for making transitions in life. I pray the Lord leads us to green pastures, although valley seasons are apart of finding the next level and the new season.


Like seasons change from winter to spring, and summer to fall.

Life can sometimes need a shift like netball.

Pivoting can throw the opponents off track.

Pivoting can help you clearly make the shot.

So if you need a desperate shift?

Pivoting could be your gift!







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  1. Instead of going back and forth, be still for a while, stop, think, focus on where you want to go then make your move.

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