Don’t let your head get in the way of your heart

I’d like to start off with this song to get your heart in the right place.

Have you ever heard your heart speak to you? Maybe it happened while you were in discussion with someone for the first time and you felt a connection like you’ve known this person all your life. Or for parents that instant love you feel for your newborn child. Or what about a moment in time where a whisper of an idea springs up from the recesses of your heart?

On the one hand, in those heart moments, you feel so alive. So unstoppable. Ready and empowered to create something birthed from inside of you. Or on the other hand, sometimes it’s scary because the task seems too big for you to accomplish.

For my own personal journey, I was raised in an open heart environment. You see my grandmother didn’t make decisions wrapped in logic or belabored discussion, she listened to her heart and made decisions from a deep place. For her, the answer to every problem, dilemma, and catastrophe would be found in the deep annals of her heart.

“Show me the way, Father.” She often prayed whenever she hit a dead end or roadblock. And she would separate herself in a quiet place, where she waited in silence for “The Voice,” to instruct her.

When she emerged from that place of solitude somewhere in the house, she would be fired up! Excitedly she announced to us, “The Voice” said to do this or “the Voice” said to do that!” She got her marching orders and excitedly sprung into action to get it done!

It did not matter how far out the decision seemed to others, she was listening to her heart and putting her faith in action, immediately. She needed no affirmation from humans, God spoke and that settled it!

If you need to hear your heart, all it takes sometimes is the right atmosphere. Like my grandma, you may need to seek a place of solitude. I’m not simply implying stop talking because as we all know, when the mouth goes silent, usually our thoughts are spinning in our mind like a tornado. The tornado of thoughts frequently rolls in, when it’s quiet, like during the middle of the night. It’s like someone hit play on the tape recorder of your mind, and suddenly you see all the things that are still outstanding; like thoughts of your to-do list, plans, problems, risk assessments, pros & cons. These are commonly known as surface thoughts.

On the contrary, the voice of the heart is deeper.

When you hear it, logic and analysis take a back seat. In fact, it erases logic. It is a deep knowing that may bring a tear to your eye but even more, it brings meaning to your life. Suddenly there is clarity. Like everything makes sense. For me, I recall my heart overriding my logic, when I experienced the love of God first hand.

It is like I connected with the heart of my creator. His heart was drawing mine close. Like being drenched in rain, my heart embraced his heart. I felt clean. I felt completely accepted. His love became my home.

There were multiple occurrences of us communicating heart to heart. When it happens, I find it really hard to explain. Is like the encounter leaves me speechless and reflective. Although it’s hard to explain, I will give it my best shot. I can remember a time recently when my logic battled with my heart.

I started by closing my eyes and pushing myself away from my surface worries. In that place I found a confident affirmation instructing me to do something in the future. When I heard and understood what seemed like a gentle command, I confirmed it by repeating it to myself.

Once I have accepted the challenge audibly, something interesting started happening. My mind began to race with questions, how will you do that? Are you even qualified? Where did that come from? Isn’t that too risky? You don’t know enough!

The supernatural heart download is immediately ambushed by my logical disposition. Where did that come from you may ask, since I grew up in an open heart environment? Well when I faced painful experiences in my adulthood, I decided to move away from living by the prompting of my heart to living in my head.

So until recently, if it didn’t make sense logically, or it was a pain point in the past, then I avoided it like a plague. The problem with that is the heart instructs us to live in faith, take leaps that are scary, and push past those things that can be uncomfortable.

To follow those promptings will always and forever lead us into a place of destiny, lasting connections and evolution of our next level God-ordained purpose.

That next level of purpose, you’ll find was always apart of God’s dream and plan for your life. These dreams & passions are birthed in the heart. I used to think dreams are birthed in the mind but that ideology has been interrupted.

My friends as smart as our logic are, it is not the place where lasting connections are formed. You see human connections are really heart connections. More importantly, the divine connection is all heart.

And heart takes faith, which usually makes no sense to the mind. The heart is the spirit.


So do you remember the last time your heart spoke to you and you shut it down because it didn’t make sense? Have you chosen to live more in your head instead of being lead by your heart?

It is not too late to make a shift, here and now. If pain, disappointment, and heartbreak have stopped your heart from speaking or blocked you from listening, I pray for a shift that will awaken the voice of your heart. Let dreams of the heart rise to the surface of your consciousness. May you step into the impossible with boldness and move forward in faith. May the Lord help your mind to conceive that a risky idea with God, is a certainty.

Let there be a relocation from head to heart so you no longer will stand in the way of the opportunities to experience the amazing power of God inside of you. May you find the strength to follow your heart and your purpose. Let your heart be fueled from this day forward with love, passion, dreams, enthusiasm, drive, and determination. May your heart speak louder than your head.

This week make intentional opportunities for your heart to speak, so you can listen & act. You are powerful enough to shift the atmosphere around you and change your environment to a space conducive to allowing the heart to speak.Find a place of solitude. Listen for its voice.

The holidays have begun, instead of saying I love you, select a loved one and tell them 3 things you love about them. If you’re not there yet, tell them 3 things you appreciate about them. I realize that sometimes people have never heard what makes them matter.

Cheers Corner

Cheers to the lovely Joy-Ann Brown who celebrated her birthday last week!



One of the ladies that helped to shift my paradigm from head to heart is the lovely
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8 thoughts on “Don’t let your head get in the way of your heart

    1. Thank you my angel. This blog was particularly difficult because I had to be deliberate about listening to my heart. I’m a little out of practice I confess but it’s my mission to clear the channels to hear my heart’s voice.

  1. Tina, this message resonates with me. I was listening to Paul Daughter this morning and he preached from John 16:13. Taking the time to listen to God’s voice to guide our steps and direct our paths. I am remiss about heeding that message very often. Your post and his message have reiterated to me to be still and listen to my heartaong. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Tina, thank you! I read this blog post this morning. It was awesome!
    The song at the beginning was an excellent way to focus my heart. The song & your words were so encouraging & life giving… I’ll be meditating on this post for a while. God has truly gifted you to write & your words are so anointed by the Holy Spirit!!
    Hopefully, this is serving as confirmation….keep going deep below the surface…..we need it!!

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