In 2018, get ahead of your struggles

Do you ever wonder if the struggle you face is permanent?  Is there only lack and shortage in the area of your finances when you’re working hard to increase your top line?  Is there an area of your life where you’re looking for hope, but instead all that is manifesting is hopelessness?

We’ve all heard the phrase, “The struggle is real.”  In the scriptures King Solomon refers to the struggle as war.  He wrote “A time of war, And a time of peace.”

Take some time and evaluate the last 12 months.  Have you experienced times of peace?Does it seem like there is more war than peace in certain areas where you are looking to progress?  It is no secret that the trials of life are necessary and they help us to grow, but personally, some struggles feel like a never-ending assault.  When I discern that is happening to me or a member of my family, I get mad!

Whatever I see in the natural, my spirit says believe and declare the opposite. (Click to Tweet)

For example there was a time when everything in my natural world manifested shortage.  Early in morning before daybreak, I heard a voice telling me, “Remember King Solomon when he was building the temple, didn’t I supply the best of everything that he needed?  I have access to all the money or resources you will ever need.” (Read the story here)

That story spoke to me and was a confirmation that even if there’s an intense period of lack it was time for me to shift my old belief to embrace this new one!

New belief


Along with the paradigm shift I decide to stand on the truth of God’s word. “The blessing of the LORD makes one rich, And He adds no sorrow to it.” (‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭10:22‬)

Think of three areas in which you find yourself in complete need and sorrow.  Now imagine yourself living and functioning in the reality of the following affirmation.

Wealth Affirmation

I know you enjoyed that visualization, so I suggest you repeat it a couple times per week.  Especially in times of war you must engage your mind and take control of your thoughts.  Your thoughts can weaken you in the fight, but it can also empower you if it’s focused on the right thing.

If I discern that evil is waging war against me, my hubby or my family, I wage war to get our peace back!  My weapons are prayer, praise, declaration, visualization, and affirmation.

Prayer is not always, “dear Lord help us in this trying time.”  When evil is present or there is a prolonged attack, I’m pulling out one of my prayer books. The first prayer book I read and continue to use is by Dr. Cindy Trimm, The Rules of Engagement.  For me, when things have gotten to the point where there is no time to play, I engage in a spiritual fight.   It’s a fight against everything in my life that is not in divine alignment.  Ever since my sister Maine introduced me to that book 7 years ago, I’ve used it.  It is literally in shambles from being used so much.

I’ve learned to not get comfortable when there are prolonged periods of hardship.  I start off by covering myself and family from backlash.  The book gives you step by step strategies to win the war.

So for 2018 let’s get ahead of the obvious struggles.  This is a prayer from Dr. Trimm’s book,

  • “I come against the spirit of deprivation. The Lord prospers the work of my hands. By Him and through Him I accomplish great exploits.” (Click to Tweet)
  • “I am daily loaded with benefits.”

Added to this prayer is my affirmation below:

Blessing Affirmation

And no I am not in denial.  I simply refuse to participate in schemes devised for my demise.

During attacks, Dr. Trimm also instructs how to counterattack the weapons of evil.  Here is what she writes about the weapon of poverty.

  • “Bind the spirit of poverty.  Ask God to give you an open heaven and divine inspiration, and to open streams of income.  Make sure you sow seeds of kind deeds, acts of service and time.

And about God’s plan for your life, she writes this.

  • “Decree and declare that your life is synchronized to God’s original plan and purpose and that there will be no miscarriage of anything God has planned for your life.
  • “Bind up the spirit of underachievement. Decree and declare that through Christ you can fulfill purpose, maximize potential and bring glory to the name of the Lord. Set the bar of achievement higher.”

Dear friends believe this, that no war is fought without having weapons.  Get in position, draw on your spiritual weapons so that whatever attack is on the horizon, you can apply prayer to that!


Lord I commit 2018 to you. Cover the rest of our days, our personage, our family, our property and our finances with the blood of Jesus.  I pray for all the present and future struggles of my readers, let every attack against them come face to face with Jehovah Maginnenu (The LORD Our Defense).  Let your power come upon them to fight in the time of war.

Let them become stronger in faith, overflowing in unlimited resources, and fulfill all the dreams and plans that God has for their lives.  I call forth mighty warriors for your service.

Release upon them wisdom, wherever there are evil blockages, barricades and associates let the presence of your peace flood the situation. Re-order their steps.  Bring seasons of peace into every area of their life.  We praise you for answered prayers and praise reports coming in the next few days, in Jesus name we pray,  Amen.

If you prayed these prayers and you stand in agreement with me, please like and share with those you love.  If you have intercepted an attack on the onset, please share in the comments how you did it.

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Guess what?

You can get ahead of attacks in 2018.  I made this devotional below just for you.   Get ready to see 2018 differently with Picture Scriptures.

Picture Scripture


Printable Daily Devotional (January)

Start the year off right by taking authority over your mind. As a result of engaging fully in this devotional, your mind will see Visions of God guiding you with revelations for your life. Welcome in!





Joyful New Year

Joy on your horizon
Prosperity on your pathway
Deliverance from breakdown
Each & every day

Upon you I release
The Power to wage war
When evil forces assault
Near or far

Let Jesus cover your mind, your purpose, your future
May angelic assistance bring answers to your prayers
For you are more than a conqueror.
For 2018, I declare the supernatural strength of a mighty warrior!

If you are pursuing your passion hope this speaks to you like it did to me.  Please tweet and share.



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3 thoughts on “In 2018, get ahead of your struggles

  1. Awesome, awesome message for 2018. As believers we have to stand up to the promises of God our Almighty and never let the enemy take that away from us. I pray God for you and your family and that He will continue to inspire you to send out these wonderful and blessed inspirations that you have been sending out. Be blessed my sister and I look forward to 2018 with these thoughts on my mind constantly because we are the head and not the tail. We are conquerors and nothing form again us shall prosper in the name of Jesus. Let us take up our shield and use it because God has given it to us. I just feel like going on and on…..,, Love you sis

  2. Amen, Women of God.. I’m a little late on this article but I enjoyed it & it’s so on point!

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