It’s your miracle day!!!!

When I woke up this morning, the first thing on my mind was work. I’m in the process of writing a documentary and my thoughts were trying to figure out the best visual images to lead the story.

The story is really outrageous. But I decided that’s not what I want my mind to focus on first thing in the morning. So I began to love on God. I thanked Him for His love and praised Him for being so faithful to me.

In my mind was an all out love fest with the God who is an expert in making the supernatural appear and miracles real. As I’m connecting with the Lord, the story of Jesus and Peter discussing paying taxes comes to mind. Peter was instructed to catch a fish and look inside its mouth. There he would find the money needed to pay both of their taxes.

I questioned if Jesus wanted to, He could have instructed Peter to catch a bunch of fishes and sell them at the market. But He didn’t. Instead every penny they needed to pay off the taxes was right there in a fish’s mouth?

There was no working to pay it off. There was no selling something to make the money. No saving to accumulate enough funds to demolish the bill. It was just a supernatural provision. A money carrying fish!

It dawned on me, we serve the one who is all powerful, all mighty enough, great enough to work a miracle in our situation. Money might be an issue for us, but not for Him. We might need to work two weeks for our money, but not Him. He is master of it all. One scripture says he owns the cattle on a thousand hills.

The problem then is us. Are we expecting too little? Is our ask too tiny? Do we truly expect fish money miracles to knock off our debts and bills? Or is it just a nice little cute bible story period?

Well my friends, I believe! Today I declare mind-blowing miracles. I declare debts demolished. I declare the supernatural provision, faith and the manifestation to come forth in our lives! Lord open our eyes to see our supernatural fish! Thank you Lord in advance for it!

Our God is able! My friends step into your day expecting miracles, embrace your supernatural God and watch him show up on your behalf.

Let’s declare what miracles we are believing God for today. Share those miracles in the comments, like they already happened! Let’s go!


HONOR Corner

I’d like to honor my friend who is taking on a new adventure. She’s an inventor. Here is her creation.

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18 thoughts on “It’s your miracle day!!!!

  1. Thanks for kickstarting my day 8n suchba fashion….nowv8m humming in my heart ‘Im Getting Ready For Overflow’ while getting ready.
    God Bless you my friend.

    Jesus first all the time!!!


  3. Just this post is a testament of His goodness. I needed a word today and a beautiful word I received. Thank you for that beautiful post, it was the motivation that I needed.

  4. T. Marie! You are truly God sent! Thank you for sharing in your overflow.

    I’m believing that God will continue to cover my marriage in Love and increase our spiritual maturity, that He will allow us to be fruitful and multiply and prosper us to be lenders and not borrowers in 2018! Thank you for taking us higher in You, Lord!! Hallelujah!

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