Let there be life… in our marriages

Let’s start by having 10 minutes of gratitude. Make a list of at least 7 things.  Express your thanks to the Lord for all of it.

Today it is my intention to speak life into families. Starting with wives and husbands.

Most people think when a woman marries, she is lucky. She is a bride with a man by her side, so she’s a kept woman. I’ve even experienced bosses who strongly believe that I don’t need a raise because I am a wife. Instead of raises based on performance, raises become dependent on my relationship status.

I guess I can relate to that way of thinking. It is a proven statistic that women earn 75% of what a man does. It definitely seems like it’s a boys club in some circles. Men “take care” of each other, no need to threaten to leave a job to be taken seriously. No need to ask for a raise, it’s just expected. No need to stand up for what you’re worth, it’s just understood. If you’re in the right circle.

But if the man is outside those circles, life is like having a car, but unable to drive. One never misses walking until he loses his feet. The truth is very few men are in those circles. And if the man is black in America statistics show  he will be earning half of what his white counterparts make. And you can’t even blame a company per-say, all this stuff is systemic.  Devised to elevate some and not others, leaving some feeling more like a toddler on wobbly feet, than the strong protector and provider they’re called to become.

In fact, it starts early, some men never heard as a boy growing up that they are talented, valued, bold, uniquely blessed and that with God’s help they can solve any problem. Instead, they have heard over and over, every criticism about what they are not! And that can kill any bit of confidence they need to in order to stand strong in the world.

One of the ways to build confidence is shared in the classic, “How to Win friends and influence people,” Dale Carnegie says “Don’t criticize, complain or condemn. Make other people feel important–and do it sincerely.”

Sometimes and I strongly believe this, that men are under spiritual attack. One scripture describes it like this, strike the shepherd and the sheep will scatter. I have personally witnessed, attack after attack. In a dream, there was a lion attempting to bite his hand. In that moment as a wife, I instinctively knew it was time to rebuke forces trying to attack my man!  It is important to rebuke racism and cover our spouses and children from it.

But what is at stake when a hubby struggles or is the target of a spiritual assault? Your babies right? Your security right? It is said financial hardship is one of the leading causes of divorce. Breakups… break people.

This post is a little unusual for me but I strongly feel this in my heart. If you are married or single with a desire for marriage, join me in this 30-day challenge. It requires praying for husbands for 30 days and it guides us not to speak one negative thing about our spouses. If you are not interested in marriage, don’t desire it, please join the challenge and pray for us. Indeed there is power in agreement!

Get in on the challenge here!


Your prayer could save a marriage.  Let love last longer!!!

If you would like to do the challenge but you need accountability or a group to support you through the 30 days, send me your email and I will start a WhatsApp chat or private Facebook group.  I’d love to start this on Monday.  So join me.

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