For Every Woman in the World

Happy International Women’s Day!


Today, I honor every woman, everywhere.  Take a look at the following video.


It specifically inspired me because it was words of encouragement coming from a man.  As you all know in one of my blogs I started a 30 Day Husband Encouragement Challenge.  I invited you all to join and for those who needed support I formed a Whatsapp group.  For those who signed up, we’ve been doing the devotional in the mornings.  These women truly blessed me and inspired me to push to the end.  There were great suggestions and an action step for each day.  This week we completed the 30-day challenge. YEAH US!!!!!!!!!

In the group, I shared this video with my close friends and the prayer that came forth was from one of my dear friends.  She said, “I pray that husbands will start a wife/mother/sister encouragement group.”  Can you imagine what that would look like?  Imagine men, brothers everywhere affirming their ladies, their mothers, their sisters, their daughters?  Think about how you felt, when you listened to that video?  Personally when I listened to it, it set me on fire!  I wanted to look myself in the mirror and scream at the top of my lungs, “I AM AWESOME!”  And guess what, for the past two days I have been doing that.

Something shifts inside of you when you declare to the universe, that I AM AWESOME!

So join me, let’s not wait for someone else to do it, affirm that you my dear are awesome!

For International Women’s Day I have written a poem to all women. Don’t forget your purple today, signifying you are royalty! #WomenForever #Womenareawesom #InternationalWomensDay

Dear Woman… YOU MATTER

Running, running, running,

Supporting, leading, nurturing.

Giving, helping, birthing,

Creating, loving, improving.

You are never stopping,

Spouse and mates need you.

Children can’t live without you.

“Mommy can I have this?”

“Mommy can I do that?”

“Mommy, mommy, mommy.”


Your dreams require you give all.

Professional, decisive, impressive,

Yet sometimes, not enough, they want more

So you push, despite the glass ceilings, half the pay, harassment, retaliation, disrespect.

You push and plan until the work surpasses expectations.

Sometimes you’re moving with no help or encouragement at all

All alone… Just God and you in the dark hours before dawn


Proverbs 31 is your driving force

Do this, do that, do it all.

Give more and more and more.

And you do, until there is nothing left of you.


But today, stop for a while.

Look at yourself in the mirror

Touch your face.

Understand the immense value staring back at you

You Queen of Everything…

Grandmother, Mother, Wife,

Boss Lady, Caregiver, Sister, Friend…You Matter

You daughter of the Most High… You are valuable

You Mighty Woman of God… Are Worthy



Now say it loud







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  1. I absolute love this video. I’ve used it a few times in Keynote Speeches.
    Well done Sister. This was a great reminder.

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