Hello friends.  I am sharing part of chapter three of my new book.  I wrote this chapter for those like me, who grew up without a father present in their home.  But first watch this video.


What is the role of father?

How can a girl from a fatherless home

know what his role is if he is scarcely a part of her world?



Daddy’s Presence and Presents

 In the beginning, he came to visit me but honestly everything before my 10th birthday is very foggy. From that time period, I vaguely remember a really tall man, more than 6 feet tall, exuding confidence. His oval face had two outstanding features, tiny lips, and a prominent nose. Mom called it a pug nose, meaning it was larger than normal, but with his tiny lips, he smiled a lot. He had long arms that would scoop me up and that made me so happy. There is a picture of him looking dotingly at me, as I sat on the top of his light blue Ford Cortina. I had the biggest smile and so did he.Although Kingston was where I was born and raised, my father did not live in the same house with me. In fact, my parents never got married. My dad lived almost 150 kilometers away in the town of Falmouth. Falmouth is the capital of the parish Trelawny. His home was located up a hill facing the sea in the community of Hague. If I went to visit him or he came to visit me, the drive took almost two hours.

It is obvious that as a toddler I loved my papa. I guess all little girls are their daddy’s girl at birth but something happens with the connection when absence comes into play.

My happy memories of him are when he came bearing gifts. He would always bring my favorite treat, a bag of peppered shrimp. I looked forward to eating those yummy hot and spicy snacks. He got them from street vendors who caught the fresh shrimp, seasoned them to perfection with spices and bagged them for sale. They were deliciousness to the 10th power. My mouth waters even now thinking about them.

His visits for me felt like Christmas, it was like Santa Claus was coming to town, his rare presence brought the same level of warm excitement children have at Christmas. This baby girl loved the presence of her papa. As time went on his visits became farther and farther apart. He made promises to visit me but many of those promises ended up as no-shows. The one excuse I remember clearly was in patois.

“Mi cyar nuh fix, mi cyan come.”

Those words shattered my heart into a million tiny pieces. Translated, it meant his car broke down, so he had to cancel the trip. On other occasions, he promised to visit, never showed up and never called. What started as broken promises, for me turned into an “Expectation of Disappointment.

If you grew up without your Father or know a little girl that did, this book is for you.  To continue reading more…

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