Mother: Give honor where it’s due



I have a good relationship with my mother now, it wasn’t always that way.  Growing up, she was the most loving person I knew.  In fact, she expressed lots of love and affection towards me, whenever she was around.

My mother was the breadwinner for our family and what that meant was she traveled from Jamaica to work in America.  What that also meant was she came twice per year and spent a few weeks with me.  Those times were amazing, we traveled the island, enjoyed the beach, it was magical.  But when she left, I suffered from severe breakdowns.  Crying for hours on end, because all I wanted was my mommy.

This back and forth was until I became a young adult.  By the time I came to live with her in America, I could not understand why she had left me for so long.  For the first year living with her, the person I adored, seemed like someone completely different.  It was a confusing time for me.  My mommy felt like a complete stranger.

So we butt heads, and experienced growing pains, because honestly this was the first time she was not a visitor in my life.  I spent many days just fuming, I felt she completely failed me.  I was angry.  Looking back I truly needed therapy.  We both did.

It took a very long time to get to know her.  In fact, when my kids were born, I saw the nurturing mama, the present mama emerge, it was part of my healing.  Then two years ago when she had a major surgery, I had to take care of her.  That’s where the talking began and so did the revelations.  I learned about her secrets, her fears, her mistakes and realized the immense level of love and sacrifice that she embodied.  In writing my book, I discovered even more and realized things are never as they seem face value.  I encourage you to talk, but even more listen to your mom’s journey and try to do it without judgement.  It will bring a new perspective to your pain.

My friends whether your mom is in your life or not.  Whether you feel she let you down or not.  Let us honor that woman.  God chose her as the vessel to bring you here.

I honor the one who wears many hats including provider.  A British trained nurse, migrant, single, regal and tiny lady.  I honor her for her sacrificial love.  Join me, as I applaud and celebrate my mom.  Do it for yours before you can’t.

And to all the moms, mommies, mama, I honor you!  Happy Mothers Day!

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Lord for those estranged from their mothers, who cannot even find the path to accepting and loving the woman that brought them here, I pray for a healing of their pain.  I ask that you will bring them understanding and reconciliation.  Jehovah Rophe mend broken relationships between mothers and their children.  Help them both to see and focus on the love, more than the disappointment.  We commit your children into your hands in Jesus name Amen.


QUOTE (My God: More than a belief, an experience)

The strength of mind it takes

for a woman to transform herself

when parenting alone is nothing short of a miracle.

The power to assume the role of mother and father …superhuman.







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