Relationships are important… One is vital

This blog is a bit longer than usual.  Please bear with me, I am taking you somewhere very important.  I love this poem check it out.

For me, the most vital relationship in my life is not physical in nature.  In fact, it’s a close-knit connection with a spirit.  For some people, the idea of “a spirit” may lead them to assume that I am writing about a ghost.  Keep on reading you’ll soon find out.  This relationship although spiritual in nature is one that I hold near and dear to my heart.  It’s a relationship that I cannot live without, the same way air is essential to life.

Do this exercise. Try holding your breath.  Keep holding it.  If you can, continue to hold it a little while longer.  There comes a point in this process, where holding your breath becomes unbearable.  Unnatural, it brings discomfort from your chest to your throat.  Your mind begins to wonder, “Can I get fresh air now?”  The longer you hold it, makes you feel like you’re going to die.

Now, go ahead and take that breath.  A real deep breath.  Feels good right? Awwww.

Look at this video of people trying to hold their breath.  You can see the agony.  Like they felt they were going to die without it.

In the same manner, I cannot live without the spiritual connection that I mentioned earlier.  For me, living every day without that spiritual breath is like going on a road trip with no gas. You get nowhere. On the other hand, with GPS, a map and gas, no matter how long it takes, you will find your intended destination.

Here’s why.  The GPS has all the plans uploaded.  For example, last month, I traveled to Jamaica and I got around effortlessly because of google maps.  Those maps are global, and they make getting from point A to Z easy.

Yet, navigating life isn’t always crystal clear.  Especially when it comes to taking great risks and putting the right pieces of life’s puzzle together.  Most of you struggle with things like these:

  1. How to clarify life’s purpose.
  2. How to easily select the right people to include in your life
  3. How to maintain healthy relationships.
  4. How to find complimentary partnerships.
  5. How to lead the next generation by parenting.
  6. How to push yourself to grow during periods of stagnation.

I could go on and on.  For me, it’s just too much at stake to leave to chance.

But the good news is, you are not without an ultimate navigator.  It is He who has the plan for every single human being on the planet!  The same way google maps can plot out directions.  However, there’s an added feature.  “The voice” guides the driver step by step, to their destination.  Whether it’s the path to your divine purpose, or the path to prosperous partnerships, connecting with our Divine Father/GPS, is vital.  It is the only way to find the roadmap to a pre-planned life.

Let’s evaluate.  After reading the following questions, answer yes or no.

  1. Do you have a close friendship with God?
  2. Are you in tune with Him that your spirit downloads His spirit?
  3. Has he revealed to you a day plan or life plan?
  4. Has your heart become so entwined with His, that you wake up in His embrace?
  5. Are you genuinely truly happy that you catch yourself humming songs?
  6. Do you feel such a deep love for Him that you must express it?
  7. Do you find you simply cannot get enough of Him?

How many of these questions could you say yes to? Four or more means you have an intimate relationship with the spirit of God. Zero means you need Him.

Bottomline, the ultimate question is this, do you have an intimate relationship with the Lord, your creator?  Not just a distant belief that you heard from your parents.  But one that you personally engage with for yourself.

I can guarantee that when you begin to open the door of your heart to His spirit, it’s like you will gain a 6th sense.  The process of engaging in a relationship with Jesus will leave you wondering “Why was I doing life my way without His guidance? Why was I trying alone and existing without this deep true love?”

But before you can tune in to this channel, it is you that must allow Him access.   That access can be granted by a simple verbal agreement that is coming up later in the post.  When you do, you will experience such a tender love, beyond what any man, woman or child can offer.

For me, His love is tangible, like goosebumps coming up on my skin.  It’s a pure love that brings tears to my eyes.  Sometimes it’s audible and sometimes it’s understood.  In His presence, I’ve felt my knees buckle, that I could no longer stand.  My speech and thoughts completely silenced because He visited me.  I’ve heard His personal messages and He has given me directions.  I’ve seen visions of where He wants me to go and warnings when I should change my usual driving route.

The Lord desperately desires a one-on-one partnership with each of you reading this blog.  He loves you so very much.  I hope you can stop right here and just embrace that love.

In my latest book, My God:  More than a belief, an Experience, I write about experiencing His healing in the midst of hurt.  He revealed His spirit to me when I was a little girl.  The most memorable encounter I had was when I asked Jesus to show me that He was real.  That request had an unexpected result.  It made me aware that although I have a physical body, and live in a physical world, that is not all there is to this life.  There is also a spiritual side for you to experience, reserved just for the creator and revealed to His chosen.

More than anything else, I pray you seek a deeper relationship with the Lord.  I pray for your heart and spirit to be opened to His love.  I pray no hurt, brokenness, rejection or disappointment from flawed human beings will block you from accepting His best plan for your life.  You deserve love like His.  You deserve the best life He has for you. You deserve help.  Will you accept it?  If so pray this prayer from your heart…

Lord Jesus, I desire real love now.  Not the man-made version but please reveal the original love that you have for me.  Open my heart, and spirit to receive it.  Where I’ve been hardened from exposure to a counterfeit version of love, soften my heart.  Where I have sinned and broken your heart, please forgive me.  Can we start over Lord? I turn over the control of my life, body, and spirit to you.  Come into my heart and bring divine order to the rest of my life.  I pray this in Jesus name, Amen.

If you’re in Georgia and need a church, come on down to Hope & Life. Summer promises lots of activities for family and especially kids.

Happy re-birthday!  You have joined my spiritual family.  In fact, Angels are now rejoicing over you.  The best way to start this new relationship is by reading chapters or watching videos in the Bible App.  It will help you to get to know Him and develop your own spiritual appetite.

I can send you daily devotions if you’d like. Sign up here.

If you’re interested in reading my childhood journey to faith, feel free to get a copy of my book here.  The book is filled with island memories, stories, some of my favorite scriptures, poetry, and devotionals.

Spiritual Awakening

A warm embrace of spirit to spirit,

Love so deep, it’s never ending

Connection to divine purpose and the greater good

In His presence where I’ll never feel misunderstood.

Complete acceptance, for my God, adores me,

Forgiven for all I’ve done wrong

Starting life anew with His intentional plan.

Complete protection from the evil one.

Brand new faith, new mind, and a new everlasting purpose,

Available to me, for all eternity.

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Protagonist. Diplomat. Conceptual. T. Marie at the core is a connector. She connects women to their purpose, so that they can influence the world. In this blog she writes to share her faith, and failures, hope and resilience, just simple inspiration to win in life.

5 thoughts on “Relationships are important… One is vital

  1. Thanks for reminding us that we need him now more than ever. We are never alone on this journey called life, if we simply allow God to walk with us and hold our hands. He is our eyes, ears and all which is good within our hearts.

    Love it!!!

  2. Another GREAT read. Your relationship with GOD is the most important relationship you should have. Without that, you’re lost with no guidance. I’m currently writing on a song that touches on this called “Find My Way.”

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