Don’t let LIES distract your destiny

“Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth. (3 John‬ ‭1:2‬ ‭‬)

Have you ever read the above verse and knew beyond the shadow of doubt, that God wants you to prosper? I do, in fact it makes me so happy about the prosperity of the Lord. When I begin to think about it, and visualize the prosperity, I can’t help but make some winning affirmations.

  • I am victorious
  • I have more than enough
  • I have unlimited resources and I have no limits.
  • I am not living from paycheck to paycheck but abundance, Yes Freedom!
  • I blessings pressed down, shaken together and running over
  • I am a money magnet.
  • I am living in the overflow
  • I am surrounded by God’s favor & peace
  • I have goodness and mercy following me, all the days of my life
  • I am saved and healed

Can you envision great things for your future? Can you see yourself succeeding? Go ahead smile, victory is in yours today! I know it makes you happy.


But understand there is an adversary and it is his job to excavate the seed of the word before it gets planted in our hearts. Have you had the experience where in one minute, you receive a word from God about greatness, prosperity, resources, wealth and in comes the enemy. He is in business to sidetrack your faith. He wants to convince you that God is not for you! So instead of prosperity–you begin to see extreme lack, instead of an abundance of clarity– darkness and confusion. Instead of walking in power and victory–situations arise that don’t make you feel like you are the head, but the tail.

That my dear is called a Lying Vanity. By definition a lying vanity is an affliction from the devil, sent to distract you that what God said about your life is NOT true. It’s frustrating when the Lying vanity comes against you because instead of you seeing your win, all you see is things getting worst. And so you by very nature it is like a tsunami of doubt, frustration, and alternative facts, designed to kill and uproot God’s seed before it begins to take root. Only seed planted can bring a harvest. What results naturally is that instead of you watering the seed with praises & thanksgiving, your spirit is frustrated and miserable because you’re more focused on the lie.

So when next you see this Lying Vanity reveal its self, take note, dig your heals in and rejoice, that God’s prosperity and restoration is near. Also give the enemy notice, tell him I see your lies and I am not convinced. I reverse your attacks against my prosperity and my family. Get thee behind us!


Fathers we HONOR you, everyday this week.  No one is stronger, no one more influential, no one more capable of protecting our families.  We are so blessed by your presence, your leadership, your wisdom, your unique power to lead our homes.  Your wives and children respect you!  You’re a mighty good man!


My King’s birth week

This week is my King’s birthday.  Celebrate this wonderful man with me.  He is the most teachable man I’ve ever met.  He is selfless.  He can fix any thing.  Thank you Lord God for this gift to lead our family.  May double portion blessings overtake you.  May you grow from glory to glory and strength to strength.  May you have all your needs met.  May peace and abundance flood you like a river.  Your family adores you!





A poem from me
I wrote this to my King in 2011. I still feel the same. He deserves to be celebrated!!!



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