Experience the Power of Your Metamorphosis

When the movie Black Panther released in the theaters, people showed up to show support, week after week after week.  No one knew what to expect. Yet, there was much excitement in the air.  Some children went as far as dressing up as Kings and Queens. The community showed up in full force. Something old became new again.

Like the movies, music also contains the power to transport us back in time.  At the same time, it also has a transcending power.  Think back to centuries ago when chamber concerts were reserved for a palace. Only the elite had the privilege to experience the ensemble saturating the atmosphere with sounds of joy.

When music and visuals are combined prepare for a journey.

Karin R. Banks

Karin Banks is a musical master—over 20 years of classical music training.  In collaboration with a team gifted in the arts, they will be bringing music to life.  The aim, to leave her audience saying “Wow!”

This season Karin Banks and her Ensemble sets out to reintroduce the classics but with a twist. She’s calling it Fusion —a smorgasbord of classical music, jazz, dance, the spoken word, and even improv opera. It’s an evening to remember the past while inspiring the audience to impact the future.

The debut kicks off with Metamorphosis: The Expression of Life on October 7th. Through the arts, they will present the cycles in the life of butterflies and explore how it relates to human evolution. “Metamorphosis is necessary, says Banks, so people can become all they were meant to be.”

Then the journey continues with The Expressions of Love on February 17. The performances will transport the audiences through every possible way love is given and received— from agape to passion and to the love for a child.

L’Esprit de la Danse on May 4 features world concepts with an assortment of music from different parts of the world. It promises to culminate music and other art forms into a masterpiece.

This is not just entertainment. It most certainly not just for the elite. All who attend will experience their own metamorphosis, like the butterfly transforms from a caterpillar. Through sight & sound anyone stuck in the minutia of his or her own life, says Banks, will leave with a drive to make a difference in the world.
Community, friends, and partners you’re invited this Sunday to experience the wonder and the wow of magical music awakening. If you believe in the transforming power of music and the arts, then you, my friend, must be in the room.
If you cannot make it, gift a child a ticket. Need a date night? This evening will transport you through nature, the Middle Ages and spark your imagination to recreate your own future. Come on out dressed up like nature or royalty!


Hidden Art & Musical Talents
Meet the magical musicians

Sunday, October 7, 2018 at 5:00pm

Emory Performing Arts Studio

1804 N. Decatur Rd. Atlanta

Tickets are available here, click Fusion Concert below to order:

Fusion Concert

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