My Thanksgiving gift to you

For God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory.

For most of us, when we pray, we make a request to God, asking him to meet our needs.  If there is a problem, we ask for the solution. If we’re facing a big decision we ask for guidance.

Have you received those things you need that you’ve been asking for?  If so wonderful! Let’s pause right here and thank God for all of your answered prayers.

This post is for those who are praying but no speedy answers are in sight. It feels arduous, making the same request over & over again. Some say, “Be patient!” But you are getting weary, worn and sad.

Let me make a few suggestions. For the thing you so desperately need fixed, can I ask you a question? Do you know someone who needs the same thing? Close your eyes and picture him/her smiling with light on their face and say, “God bless _______ (their name here) with a new home, or their perfect match or an avalanche of abundance, or wonderful work for wonderful pay (or whatever your need is). Pray for someone today.

Secondly, according to the book, The Game of Life and How to play it, the author says “There is a supply for every demand.”  Meaning, if you have a need, the Lord by divine right must supply it.  Since it’s already a done deal let’s start offering prayers of thanksgiving for that which is already supplied.

Here is how you do it.

Infinite spirit of God, I thank you for the perfect faith to believe You for the impossible.  Thank you for providing me with __________ from your open and generous hand.  Thank you that it will come in the perfect way, at the perfect time. Thank you that you’ve promised to open up the windows of heaven and pour out on me a blessing that there is not room to receive it.  Thank you for a speedy reply.

I give you thanks Oh Lord! Thy will be done this day.  Today is a perfect day. A day of completion.  Miracles will follow miracles and wonders will never cease.

Action Challenge

For the next week be intentional about praying for someone with the same needs as you.

If you need a mate. Bless your X and send him/her peace and goodwill. Thank God for supplying all their needs. Now thank him for supplying you with your divine match.

If you are broke. Bless the little in your possession, bless your income and all you spend, thank God for multiplying it. Thank God for making it manifest in the visual plane at the perfect time, in a perfect way. Thank him for being the gift as well as the giver.

If you need work. Wonderful work/business in a wonderful way. I give wonderful service and receive wonderful pay.

If you are facing stress and persecution. Bless your enemy, send the person causing you harm blessing and goodwill. Thank God for filling them with goodness and mercy. See them smiling with light on their faces. May all that is yours by divine right come to you.

First Prayer as you open your eyes. Bless you Lord my God, for blessing me with life. Thy will be done this day. Today is a day of completion. Today is a perfect day. Miracles will follow miracles and wonders will never cease.

Friends, I suspect there will be an avalanche of answers to prayers in the days ahead. When those miracles begin to take place, please do me a favor.

1. Post them in the comments here or email me at

2. Share this blog with someone who you think needs it.

3. Share this blog post on your social media platforms

Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving! I salute the divinity in you!

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