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Can you imagine how you would feel if you had a history maker in your family?  Today’s blog post is from one of my dear friends, Mrs. Joy-Ann Brown. Her husband made history this past weekend and she shares the very special moment with us. Let’s celebrate with her! I’m so excited to share her story.


When family members win, it’s important to celebrate the accomplishment.  Today, I celebrate my dear husband’s amazing achievement.  Last weekend in Arkansas, he got inducted into the John Brown University Hall of Fame.

img_7422To express how proud I am of him is nearly impossible.  Yet, I will try.  25 years after graduating from his university, he is still having an impact on the University, the coach and his soccer teammates.  He is my best friend, my rib, and I adore him, but to see others esteem him was so refreshing.  I’m still excited thinking about how much they honored him, and the numbers of men and their families that came out to support him.  Simply put, my love got lauded to Rock Star status.  His plaque for excellence in soccer is now mounted on the wall of his alma mater and will forever be part of their history.



People flocked him, even the sitting president wanted to meet him.  He had heard so much about Terry from faculty, pass soccer players and students.  He said, “I have been waiting to meet this Shiffa that everyone describes as a legend, I was starting to think it was a myth.”

I thought I knew about his glory days of playing soccer for JBU.  But hearing the stories from the players and the coach gave me an inside look at how passionate he was about this sport.  One player described him as, “the embodiment of JBU soccer.”  Yet another described him as, “a true model ambassador to JBU and a patriot of Antigua and Barbuda.”  Coach Galveston said, “in my 30 years of coaching, I have never had such a hardworking and motivated player as Terry.”
His scores, national honors, even university awards backed up their praises.  He is still in a league of his own in JBU soccer– A three-time All-American, six records standing and team captain during his senior year.  These are some of the memorable quotes about him.  “All his athletic accomplishments was due to his natural ability and his incredible work ethic.  He has an ability to motivate the players around him and bring out their best, both as players and people.  Terry is one of the most positive and pleasant people I know.”
Everyone had so many memorable stories to share and I was so happy that Joshua and I were able to witness it.  I’m still amazed at the footprints Terry left on JBU and the impact he still has on the coach, past and present players.  My legend will always be etched in the University’s history forever.  He is an impeccable person, husband, and father and our family couldn’t be more proud of him.
What a way to celebrate Black History month. Terry we are so proud of you!
I encourage any one reading this today, don’t underestimate your potential. God uses available vessels to make an impact. Dare to follow your passion like Terry, soon you’ll become that rock in the pond like him and make your ripple effect.

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  1. Have only heard of you through this post but we’re all family in Christ. Congratulations sir for the hard work that you have done to achieve this. We are all so proud of you. Job well done.

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