Woman don’t you dear suffer in silence

I grew up around a tribe of women–grandma, her four sisters, and my mom. What I learned first hand is this, when women get together and make a plan, you better watch out! But today, I’m writing about something that women often bury that many of us do not see.

Women, particularly the more mature in age, are very efficient at concealing pain and disappointment.  Some will even mask it with their faith and trust in God.

In my book, I share that while growing up in Jamaica my grandma would often declare and even brag like it was a badge of honor, that from 1960 and 1, she’s never had a man. She would say, “I’ve got Jesus and that’s enough.”

My mom took the same posture.  Recently, I had a conversation with a lovely lady, beautiful inside and out.  She’s in her 70s and  shared a story about going through the worst kind of deception possible.  I could tell from her tone the hurt was still raw.  When I asked her when did that story happen, her response floored me.  “It happened in 1976–but it feels like yesterday,” she said.  That was more than 40 years ago and to me that statement felt like a punch in the gut.

At that point I realized that many women, beautiful women, women of faith, carry their pain and suffering inside like a badge of honor.  Some nurse the resentment like a baby. Not knowing how to release the pain that came with someone else betraying them, someone else abandoning them, someone speaking harshly to them, or someone deceiving them.  The bitterness that comes from all of that, they carry around like a favorite handbag.

The time for release is now.  Say this out loud, only if you seek freedom.


The lights of Infinite Intelligence now streams through my consciousness dissolving and dissipating all anger and resentment. I am at peace with myself and the whole world.  Anyone who has hurt me, I release them and send blessings to their life.

Listen ladies, even if a man that you loved deeply betrayed you, you can be free of the hurt. Even if it’s deep.  Decide and let liberty be your choice today.


Ladies, my dear friend Kerlyn Brown of Inspire Jamaica sends her inspiration to you.


Happy mommy month!  You are a mighty force!


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