Why do we act like we’re here forever?

Blessed day!

It’s mother’s day. Right now, many have sent flowers. Others will be taking their mothers out. Some will be buying gifts, bringing breakfast in bed but most will basically be doing anything they can to honor their mommy, mama, mom.

If you are a mother, good morning precious! I honor you for your amazing, incredible sacrifice. Your love, faith, direction, discernment encapsulates who we are today.

You have downloaded all of who you are into your children. And though not perfect we get to work at it everyday. As far as I’m concerned, everyday is mother’s day. So, thank you, I honor my mother and yours, I honor my grandmother and all the fill-in mothers, all those teachers and after-care workers who are mothers of many. Thank. You. Very. Much.
Here’s my tribute to my mom.

For weeks one thing has been on my mind. It has to deal with death. This year I lost the matriarch on my father’s side, weeks before her hundredth birthday. So this morning my dad is missing his mother. Weeks later my nephew passed away, so my brother is missing his son. A few weeks after that my aunt passed away, and our family is missing her.

The back to back departure hit me with this truth– as much as we act like our loved ones will be here forever, they won’t! I heard speeches about how much each person meant to those still here, but wondered if the one laying in the casket knew how much they were adored.

It dawned on me that instead of waiting, collect the pictures now, write down your thoughts about them, express your love for them, give them the keepsake, flowers, party favor… When they are present. Somehow we pull it off after the fact. My late grandma said it this way, “Do all the good you can, to all the people you can, in all the ways you can, for as long as you can.”

This past April, my siblings and I made a magazine of our father and presented it to him for his birthday. Why wait until he is gone? In my book, I share my story of not having the privilege to form a connection with him while growing up. Today, I cannot go back in time but as I grow older, and have kids, and learn about him, so much of him is in us. We are family, we need each other.

For those who have lost their mothers, I know you miss her to pieces. Some of you are missing your grandma because you never ever imagined a world without her in it. That sadness you feel, while everyone else is saying “Happy Mother’s Day” is love. It is affirmation that she made a mark and her presence was a ripple effect on you, and everyone she came in contact with. She is your treasure and she’s left her fingerprint all over you.

Whether dead or alive, we can all celebrate that mother’s do the best they can, with what they have at the time. Some try, some mess up, but they are trying. Forgive their short comings, let go the past hurts and going forward, let’s choose love. Human beings are not invincible, no matter what we tell ourselves. Not to be morbid but with each breath you are closer to the end of life.   Make today count.  Love on your kids, your mama, like it’s your last chance. Leave no room in their mind to doubt that you love and care. No matter what drove you apart in the past.  If there is life, there is an opportunity. If your relationship with your mom is broken prayer 1 below is for you.



Infinite spirit give me the strength to forgive my mother

Ignite the love of God in my heart,

Dissolve and dissipate all anger, resentment, rejection & fear

With the light of your love.


Nobody has it in them to resist love.


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