Lonely Girl?

Sometimes we can feel completely alone.

Abandoned, Broken and Confused— because a father is not close by and mother has to work all the time.

Why am I alone you ask?

Why did he turn his back on us, why me?

That place of why—

So dark

So deep

So painful

In that place as a little girl, looking up, I ask are you gone too?

Are you even there?

A thought to flip the pages of your book pops into my mind.

A random flip and my eyes land on these words.

“When my father and my mother forsake me, Then the LORD will take care of me.”

Are you talking to me? My trembling words barely leave my lips?

Are you here with me in this dark lonely place?

You’re gonna take care of me?

Tears begin to flow, at the thought of a Heavenly Caretaker.

At that moment, He lifted the lonely cloud.

At that moment, he became my Divine Daddy.

And the God who made heaven and earth,

Took over the reigns of my life— to execute his ultimate plan for my hopeful future.

If you are in that place of alone…

He is not far from you.

Look up.

Speak out loud— is like speaking into his ear.

Ask him to manifest. Ask for a hug.

Believe me, He’s near.

Happy Sunday!

You are not alone, dear girl. How do I know? I once was you. Missing the dad, who never comes home. Missing the mom who works to keep us afloat, while grandma held down the fort.

Do you feel you can’t get through it? I understand. I felt the same too and I promise, in your dad’s absence, there is an opportunity to connected with someone even bigger. Check out my book and see how I got through. You can get through it too.

Your life is completely under the control of a force much greater than your missing dad.

Share this with any girl missing her dad.


Published by T. Marie

Protagonist. Diplomat. Conceptual. T. Marie at the core is a connector. She connects women to their purpose, so that they can influence the world. In this blog she writes to share her faith, and failures, hope and resilience, just simple inspiration to win in life.

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