A YEAR AGO, RACISM RAGED & moms must still pray for God’s protection of our black men and boys

These past few weeks of back to back killings and arrests of black men, has been weighing on me. Today, after a reporter got arrested for doing his job, and it shocked some people… It broke me! All morning I cried for my children, my husband and many black women across the diaspora are crying their eyes and hearts out to God. We are tired, mentally, physically, spiritually. Marching, protesting, even filming the hate has not broken this public disregard for taking life. Anything you read here and perceive as anger, it is hurt turned inside out. All of us are connected in spirit, despite our color. So when one life is taken we all feel it. And. IT. HURTS. Mothers let’s PRAY!!! Enough is enough is enough!

Spirit Cry

Thou shall not kill!

The 6th of the commandments given to Moses,

Yet in the 1800s Jim Crow laws gave the green light for mass Black male xenophobia.

The belief that the bigger, darker, louder the man/boy automatically meant rapist, murderer, a major threat.

The fear almost now 2 centuries old declares some to hold on to the mindset it’s open season on dark male human beings.

Starting with the afternoon entertainment of public lynchings…

Hunt the men!

Hang them by the neck then, kneel on their necks now.

Shoot to kill the boys like a wild boar.

In the hunters minds the only way to defuse the threat is death.

White skin a citizen.

Black skin a criminal.

Our sons will live & not die

JEHOVAH SABAOTH, Lord our protector, we ask you to arise and protect all black people in this land from genocide.

For our black men protect them from police brutality, protect them from deep hatred, protect them from untimely death.

May the mindset of fear that persist for black men and boys in the police force be broken in Jesus Christ name.

Lord root out this monster size ancient behemoth of fear, out of the culture, out of society, out from white perception & subconscious.

God has not given us a spirit of fear,

But love power and a sound mind.

Smash this fear once and for all dear Heavenly Father, by my spoken word, cause it to dissipate from our lives forever.

This is a manmade problem that requires divine deliverance.

JEHOVAH-MEPHALTI – Lord my Deliverer – Psalm 18:2

With your mighty right hand deliver black lives from evil.

Deliver racist beliefs that makes people treat animals better than their fellow human beings.

Deliver prevailing mindsets of control to enforce power and status…

Where one race is the head and others are the tail.

Shake this evil out of our society dear God!

Let the fire of God consume this hate into ashes!

We activate the law of forgiveness and give thanks that hate is transmuted into love.

Racism is transmuted into acceptance that black skin doesn’t mean we’re not human.

For all the lives that have been lost, from this day forward we place a moratorium on any further killing.

We transmute all these past deaths into life for our men & boys.

We speak grace, grace, grace over this mountain of hate,

You will become a plain, In Jesus Christ name.

We bind prejudice, we bind inequality, and lose them from their assignments and their effects!

Lord release your peace, release unity and abundant life in this land.

As mothers, wives, sisters, aunts and grandmothers, we cry out in one voice and pour out our sorrow on you Lord. Here our hearts cry today.

Let the Holy Spirit of God, be a fire around our men & boys by day & cloud by night.

God gave them the skin you hate

Send warring angels to fight for our men and keep them from jail, annihilation and abuse. Dear God, bring grandmas, sisters, aunts, mothers and wives comfort whose son, brother, nephew, boyfriend, spouse or spouse to be have died.

For all who have suffered loss of their men & boys from the founding of this country, deliver them from reverse racism springing up in their hearts.

Turn bitterness into forgiveness, mistrust into trust and loss into preserving life starting this day May 29, 2020 and again today in 2021.

Heal this land of hate. Heal people of unconscious bias & racial ignorance.

Uproot out from the police force, a disregard for black lives.

Replace that mind & heart of stone with only one thing, preservation of human lives.

The public display of death over and over assails us Lord

Like you delivered Queen Esther & her people from that Haman annihilating spirit, deliver black people in America now and forever.

In Jesus Christ mighty name, Amen.

Action Challenge

Please send me a baby picture of your son and I will update the blog and add your pictures to mine (rtv.publishing@gmail.com). Also send me your own personal prayers for your sons, brothers and men. Record audio, send a bible verse, animation or write from your soul.

But most importantly pray for the next 21 days to end racism! This is now cultural & it must go!

There are studies projecting many black children will die of police brutality. You cannot afford not to pray. For prayer, collective prayer, changes things. If all you can do is cry, that’s also a prayer.


Olive oil is traditionally used to anoint and bless people. A typical spiritual practice is Pastors bless the olive oil and use it to anoint babies or a person who has come to the altar for prayer with ailments. I’ve spoken to many mothers who not only make it a practice to cover their children in prayer, but they get a bottle of olive oil and anoint their children and men daily.

Bless your oil and anoint your kids and men for God’s protection.

Submissions from Readers

Animator JO
Sophie, Mom of twin boys

Submission from Miss Elisabeth
Submission & poem by Faith M, sister of teenage brother

PRODUCT LAUNCH: We cry together. We stand together

Let’s take a stand together. Moms & dads, our children will not become endangered species. To counter that ancient belief, we launch No Danger products. The goal is to create a cultural shift in the mentality of those people who have trouble seeing and accepting the humanity of our sons & daughters.



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