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NEGATIVITY IS POISON TO THE MIND AND A PERSON’S ESSENCE. It can become a 2-way channel, it enters by who we listen to before we make decisions, and then it’s cemented when we act based on the advice. It is really easy to become a host of negativity and not realize it.

With so much negative energy in the world, we must be intentional about injecting some positive energy into our life.

Before the pandemic, I began meditating by using a podcast called Encounter. The goal is to help to shift minds to encounter the divine world. I started listening to it and when the world turned upside down, it provided an alternate space for my mind to exist. A place of less fear than normal. A place of love and acceptance, a safe space, a place where the Father, Son and Holy Spirit were my daily entourage.

Let me tell you a story. One day I shared my meditation episode with my 8-year old son. The theme that day was love. He was downstairs and his dad and I were upstairs. After 15 minutes, I heard his little feet, hurrying up the stairs. He had exciting news for mom & dad. He said, he imagined himself floating through the clouds, and at the end of his journey, he came face to face with a man surrounded by light. He heard him say, “I am pleased with you my son, I love you and you will have a great day!”

Jon Jon’s masterpiece

That story brought tears to my eyes because my Heavenly Father had made a divine connection with my baby boy. Here is the picture he crafted of his vision.

If you’re looking for a way to connect or reconnect with God, try this podcast. It will help you to channel your positive inner images and open your awareness to the spiritual world.

Testing testing 1.2.3.

It’s important to make self-checks. Tuning in to your thoughts & feelings will help you to access where you are mentally and emotionally. That way you can process and release anything painful, frustrating, worrisome, and fear-filled. How? Sometimes it’s necessary to journal. Writing it out on paper will help you release all that venom from inside to that sheet of paper. Just writing it out raw with no edits, can be the best medicine. It is truly cathartic. Growing up, I felt abandoned for a long time by my father. As an adult, I remember writing a letter to him, not to send it, but to get rid of everything that caused me pain. At some point, I realized that had my father been present, I would not have learned to depend on God for everything. This scripture anchored me. “When my mother and father forsake me, the Lord will take care of me.

So many of us have abandonment issues because a dad left, a spouse left, a lover left, or a dear friend walked away. For me, the big lesson behind a human being walking away from me is this– if a person rejects me, then supernaturally that gives God more room to take residence in my heart–to love me, and show me real, true adoration. He becomes larger in my life than any human being ever could.

Living better, not bitter

Now those first things are first, let us examine personal forgiveness. Have you ever made a decision and it turned out to be the wrong one? Or how about feeling like a complete failure? It’s time to stop holding yourself hostage. Think about five things to forgive yourself for today, and if you have a journal write them down. Then look yourself in the mirror, and say them out loud.

_____________ (Your name) I forgive you for


This scripture is a prayer of forgiveness. “How happy and fulfilled are those whose rebellion has been forgiven, those whose sins are covered by blood. How blessed and relieved are those who have confessed their corruption to God! For he wipes their slates clean and removes hypocrisy from their hearts. Before I confessed my sins, I kept it all inside; my dishonesty devastated my inner life, causing my life to be filled with frustration, irrepressible anguish, and misery. The pain never let up, for your hand of conviction was heavy on my heart. My strength was sapped, my inner life dried up like a spiritual drought within my soul. Then I finally admitted to you all my sins, refusing to hide them any longer. I said, “My life-giving God, I will openly acknowledge my evil actions.” And you forgave me! All at once the guilt of my sin washed away and all my pain disappeared! Pause in his presence. This is what I’ve learned through it all: All believers should confess their sins to God; do it every time God has uncovered you in the time of exposing. For if you do this, when sudden storms of life overwhelm, you’ll be kept safe. Lord, you are my secret hiding place, protecting me from these troubles, surrounding me with songs of gladness! Your joyous shouts of rescue release my breakthrough. Pause in his presence”
‭‭Psalms‬ ‭32:1-7‬ ‭TPT

Erase the hurt you’ve caused

Have you ever been busy and a loved one came up to you to ask a question, and you responded harshly? Did your words wound them? Or maybe you dismissed them? I am guilty of that! Working from home can do that to you when you are trying to be focused. In the moment of exchange, your whole body language communicates stop bothering me! But later as you thought about your actions you felt so guilty for unintentionally disrespecting and dismissing that person’s essence–especially kids. The Bible calls that sinning against your brethren. Sin is a reaction that when acted out, automatically like a bot, the consequences instantly activates. Once it’s activated, it takes you on a destructive route. It’s cause and effect. But if you realize the err of your ways quickly, and ask the Lord to forgive you for hurting that person, it brings the consequence to a halt. Here’s the simple prayer:


Lord I repent. I now activate the law of forgiveness, to neutralize the pain I have caused to my loved one. Help them to find the grace to forgive me. I give thanks that I am under grace and not under law. They have your divine breath & I’m sorry for dismissing their presence. Therefore, I cannot lose (insert their name) love and friendship, which is mine by divine right.

This law rubs out mistakes, and the consequences that follow.

Creative Consciousness

A friend of mine asked me to write an apology to all children who have been wounded by the words of an adult.

So my conclusion is this scripture. Many are the sorrows and frustrations of those who don’t come clean with God. But when you trust in the Lord for forgiveness, his wrap-around love will surround you. So celebrate the goodness of God! He shows this kindness to everyone who is his. Go ahead—shout for joy, all you upright ones who want to please him!” (Psalms‬ ‭32:1-11‬ ‭TPT‬‬)

Taping into your creativity by writing sometimes brings beauty that was buried inside. My friend did just that, and out of her came a spring of beautiful words flowing out.  This is her poem to her daughters.

First Step – Tiviene Smith

You sat up on your own; we clapped

All in good cheer

You held on objects, fell, oops ,the tears

But we hushed and cuddled you

All in cheer

You never gave up; you tried again ; amidst the tears

We nurse the bruises encouraged

you along

All in good cheer

You crawled to us with a grit of purpose ;We jumped with glee

 All in  good cheer

And on that memorable day you ran to us with a wide smile on your face

We know you are meant for greatness

And we are running  beside you

 All in good cheer.

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