Black Women: It’s your time Queens

Women are indeed an awesome creation. I’ve been raised by two, and I promise you, you’ve never seen so much ingenuity at work. My mom and grandmother didn’t have it all. They started with very little, a bare foot walking girl and woman. Grandma, her sisters, and their mother and father carried sugar cane on their heads and walked bare feet for miles to the boiler building. They slept on the floor of that hot place all night until the sugar cane became crystals of sugar.

That is my history, and as we exit black history month and embark upon women’s history month, my heart flutters with gratitude and honor for black women, period. Those in my life today and the ones who came before me are simply extraordinary!

My Prayer Queens

You see black women cry silent tears and, we have suffered long and learned to bear it– get used to it– lived with it.

Our nurturers tell us to be strong and work twice as hard — a mantra too many black girls live by when we should not have to. First-world societies expect us to be the brainchild but not the one in charge. Like my grandma, we still carry the world on our shoulders and the basket on our heads. Meanwhile, we worry about our babies, our men, with too little attention given to our mental health.  

So beloveds today breathe. Right here, right now.

  • If you’re a woman
  • If you’re a wife
  • If you’re a mother
  • If you’re a boss lady 
  • If you’re a stay at home mom
  • If you’re a single mother
  • If you’re trying to figure things out alone
  • If you’re starting in a relationship
  • If you’re a grandmother
  • If you’re a godmother
  • If you’re an aunt
  • If you’re a sister
  • If you’re a daughter
  • If you’ve been in a relationship for a long time
  • If you’re someone’s maid of honor
  • If you’ve had your heartbroken
  • It you messed up
  • If you’ve been abused
  • If you feel lost

Lady, you are a hero and, you are valuable. Do you know how much you matter? So stand in the light, like my sister-girlfriend.

Queen Trina

We rise to applaud you! For everything you do in the shadows. For loving hard, for working hard, and for crying when you feel invisible.

Today, I boldly proclaim, I see you! You’re doing amazing things, I am proud of you my sisters. Your smile lights up a room. Your aura is powerful and purposeful. Guard it!

Queen Veronica

Your brilliance is brighter than the noonday sun on a summer day. You care deeply. Your passion is powerful, so focus it on the right things. Your skin, your eyes, your nose, your complexion, your inner self & soul, all of you, is beautiful!

From women gone before to the ones here now, blessed are you for the Creator has made you a Black woman.

Tell another black woman today, you SEE her, you SALUTE her and are so, so, so PROUD of her.

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New Release Book


Giving a round of applause to Annissa Morgan, who published her 2nd book. We salute you for teaching kids about money.

Check it out people. You won’t regret it!

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