Hold your head up

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This morning when I woke up, the first thing I heard in my heart was, “Get up and write.” My immediate reaction was to get overwhelmed, because I thought those instructions meant, write a book. So after I calmed down, I asked, what am I writing? The answer came back, “A blog.” I exhaled a bit but then came the next thought of fear, “You have not blogged in months, what are you writing about?” So I continued to listen. Next instructions I got was, “Make a cup of coffee.”

By the way, I have not drank coffee in months either. But obeyed. Then, I opened WordPress and stared at the empty page. I asked what do people need to hear from you today Father? I sat and waited. Still nothing.

Next instructions I got. Walk to the backyard, I did. I’d like to paint a picture of my backyard so you can imagine it. It has more than 20 very tall trees. Since it’s the fall the ground is filled with dead leaves. I found a paved spot and began using my feet to clear the pavement. As I kept looking down I’m noticing all the things in the backyard that need to be trashed, in addition to the leaves. All I wanted to do was cleanup.

I don’t remember why I stopped looking down and started looking up. My eyes followed the trees from the ground all the way up to the branches and then leaves. The leaves on the trees were alive, some yellow, some green, and some burnt orange. They danced in the wind. Once I changed my focus from down to up, all I could see is life and beauty. I felt the majesty of the trees and the glory of God’s handy work. I stood among these giant 30-year old trees and felt really small.

Then God’s spirit reminded me of this truth. “I made you too, just like those trees.” I felt this deeply, “It doesn’t matter how many giants you’re surrounded by today, understand you are my greatest masterpiece. In the physical, they may be older or taller than you, but with my favor you are a giant.”

Friends, all you need to do in this moment is change your focus. What are your eyes on that is keeping your spirit down? What habit are you engaging in that is not life-giving? Who are you spending time with that takes more from you than they give? What cycles do you find yourself in that is sabotaging your purpose? Is your life-goal momentary happiness or finding and following the predetermined plan for your life?

The time for deep introspection is now, because the clock is ticking for all of us.

MUSING: I’ve heard it many times that God, you have already ordered my steps. What does that look like on a daily basis? Keep my heart and actions from evil. Show me, how my life will help my fellow man. Help me not to be afraid to move forward in your plan, instead of mine. Guide & remind me every day that I have you in me, and like my grandma would say “Little is much when God is in it!”

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9 thoughts on “Hold your head up

  1. This is really good T and very vivid! I love the line about changing your focus. It’s so true, the wrong perspective will cause you to miss out on the miracles of God.

  2. With Gods favor we are all giants! I loved this line. One thing we all could benefit from doing especially in this time we are in is being more appreciative of the surroundings we have and the beauty that God created for us to enjoy. I’m am going to make a personal goal to start doing this more! Loved this blog ❤️.

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