Let it Go: Mistakes & Mistreatments

Sometimes our past can be so messy. Mistakes, misunderstandings or even mistreatment can scar us severely.

As we start this year, let’s dig deep. Ask yourself these questions.

  • Is there anyone who disappointed me that I’m holding resentment for in my heart?
  • Have I been holding on to painful memories for days or even decades?
  • Is the betrayal of trust too deep to let go? Are you asking, why should I be the one to forgive if they were the ones that betrayed me, or cheated on me?
  • Why should I trust anyone again,when the person I told everything, kept secrets from me?
  • I failed when I tried to follow my dream in the past, why should I even try again?
  • I grew up struggling, money was hard to get, so why should I believe that it won’t always be this way?

You have asked why so many times in your private thoughts and no one is there to give you an answer. Beloved, you are not alone.

In the first episode of Season 2, The Beloved Queens are diving into this topic. They started in episode 1 and will continue in episode 2 on letting go. Queen Trina’s most memorable issue happened at 14 years old. Listen to her discuss it here.

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Martin Luther King Jr.

For black America to experience freedom, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had to convince a severely mistreated group of people to choose love instead of taking revenge. He believed that without struggle, then there wouldn’t be progress. Anyone looking collectively at slavery, Jim Crow Era, Civil Rights Era, can identify mistreatment of all forms. The significant internalized trauma for people of color during those times was unbearable. Enough to mentally torment the ones who were directly affected by the abuse, and even their descendants.
For black Americans to choose to free their own minds & emotions from rejection, abuse, disappointment, heartbreak, mistakes & mistreatment is indeed supernatural. As supernatural as Jesus being crucified and praying for his killers saying, “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.” It’s an absolute trust that surrendering the resentment to God will free them from a lifetime of mental slavery.

How to get free?

Ask the Holy Spirit to help you to do surgery. Ask him to expose the buried things if you are in denial. Acknowledgment is half the battle. This is no easy feat, but with God all things are possible. Some of these hurts are so deeply buried in our subconscious. We have killed off people and buried the painful memories. If you’re asking “How do I know if it’s still present?” Sometimes someone says a word and you get so tight inside. I heard Dr. Cynthia Thompson say, “The quicker you clean the mind, the quicker you hear from God. If you have forgiven them, why do you live at the scene of the crime? Why are your emotions so triggered?”

You’ve got to be ready to let the past go. It is absolutely your decision. If you’re not completely ready, you cannot be free. If someone forces you, you’ll end up worst than where you started. Letting go first begins in your mind and, if you really mean it, your words of release or any other action to cement your decision will free you of the weight you’ve been carrying. Start by asking the Holy Spirit to help you where you don’t feel you can let go. Next episode we’ll explore this some more.

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