Students are Scared

We all have fears typically designed to set us back or slow us down.


Post pandemic some students have been struggling with going to school.  For parents, when we think about back to school, we often focus on getting our children supplies, books, and other material needs related to school.  Too often, as parents, we forget about their psychological state.  Rarely if ever, do we ask what are the fears, stressors or anxieties triggered by school for my child? How do I prepare him/her to face it?


First place to start is knowing some of their fears. I decided to google top fears for students returning to school. I was surprised to see quite a long list.  At that moment, I decided to write affirmations to counterattack the mental, emotional and physical stressors that our kiddos go through, that are triggered on campus.


My new book Back to School Affirmations Journal for students:  Kick your fears to the curb got featured on the morning show CVM Sunrise.  Here’s the video:


We all have the propensity to think the worst before the best, negatively rather than positively. It’s just our human conditioning.  Also subconsciously, there are messages already burned in our minds from childhood that drives our actions. That little voice that whispers doubts or possibilities. For me, sometimes I have to reprogram my negative self-talk and beliefs that brings feelings of limitations. I read that the average person has 60,000 negative thoughts a day. I’ve also read that negativity is so strong that it takes seven positive affirmations to reverse one negative belief. To shift my focus, I make it a practice to use affirmations.


According to KJV Dictionary online, the following defines affirmation.

1. The act of affirming or asserting as true; opposed to negation or denial.
2. That which is asserted; position declared as true; averment.
3. Confirmation; ratification; an establishing of what had been before done or decreed.
4. A solemn declaration made under the penalties of perjury, by persons who conscientiously decline taking an oath; which affirmation is in law equivalent to testimony given under oath.


Sometimes we’re looking to others to compliment, encourage, and cheer us on. I grew up cheering for others thank God, that I learned from an affirming mom and grandmother.  Sadly, some students don’t have this. This book will equip them to find their voice and use it to shift them out of old negative belief patterns and cycles.  Most importantly I intend for their voices to become activated with the power to disrupt the root of their fears.


So what are these fears? I found quite a lot but decided to focus on fourteen including the Fear of the Next Level, Fear of Large Crowds, Comparison Syndrome, Drama & Distraction and Mental Health to name a few.

My new book, Back to School Affirmation Journal for students:  Kick your fears to the curb releases September 11, 2023.  You can pre-order the ebook here.



Thanks for writing a review on Amazon.  I would be honored if you shared this blog so all students can be equipped.  As parents, what are the fears that your child has shared with you?

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