Students are you addicted? It’s time for your freedom


So many kids are struggling with addictions to vaping and weed of all forms.  Let me just go ahead right now and tell the truth.  As much as I was born in Jamaica, I have never smoked weed.  Drop the stereotypes right now, not all native born Jamaicans do weed.  Not that I never saw it happening in the culture growing up–mostly Rastafarians (those wearing dreads, like Bob Marley), but smoking in my circle was frowned upon. 


Now weed used to be just smoking a blunt, but these days, with the CBD industry on the rise, it’s acceptable to use in the culture.  The issue here is with it becoming acceptable for adults to use it to get a “chill,” kids in their anxiety and insecurities are following suit.  Some can’t sleep, some are over stimulated, some have haunting thoughts, some get a gummy from their friends, and post pandemic between fears, school lockdowns, drama and a myriad of insecurities they’re trying hard to cope by self medicating.


Schools and parents are overwhelmed and some in the dark… Addicted kids are doing it in secret, quite functional and others OD, start feeling sick, need to be rushed to the hospital and that’s when it all comes out.


Meanwhile, some of us church folk are nestled in our bubbles. But yesterday at church, something shifted.

The addicted came in droves to invite the power of God into their secret struggle.  One man testified how he has been free from using, and has not desired it, from a specific date.  After that, the pastor invited those struggling to come for prayer if they too wanted to be free.  Many had the boldness to admit on the platform their secret struggles, accepting prayer and dropping off their goodies at the altar.  Bottomline people of all ages wanted their freedom back.  Including teenagers.  Many of them desired to part with their bondage.


In my book, Back to School Affirmation Journal for students:  Kick you fears to the curb, I have a whole chapter on mental health.  Sometimes something feels off for students in their mind.  Sometimes they have a chemical imbalance.  Sometimes they need a brain supplement. 

Students, teens especially, don’t realize that their brains are still in development.  Using any mind altering plant, pill, or puff is taking the CPU (central processing unit/brain) out of commission.  It may numb your pain but its killing the central operator for your body, emotions and everything attached to it.  The substance takes full control and you are just a shell, a puppet on a string.  No longer yourself.


Today is the rebirth of you…if you want your future to once again be in focus, you too can step up and grab a hold of your freedom.


Say these words

Lord begin a revival of deliverance for me, from this mind stealing, and emotional numbing evil.

No weapon formed against my future will prosper.

Let your light of joy now replace every gray cloud, blocking my vision of life.

I exchange addiction for the plans that God has already prepared for me.

I am open and ready to live in complete freedom and overcome fears, anxiety and insecurities.

I release the pressure to be perfect, to fit in, and to please people.

The shackles of addiction are broken off my mind, will and emotions.

I embrace the shift, of goodness and blessing that comes into my life today.

In Jesus Christ name I pray.



Next post I’ll get into the anxiety of not feeling protected, that many students face at school.

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