Kick your Fears to the curb Teenagers

Today, I bless my teenagers and yours. I’m grateful for their uniqueness and the planned life already ahead of them. I am thankful for their ideas and ambitions. Lord bless them with favor with God and man today, the rest of 2023, running over into 2024. I’m thankful for their growth, maturity, and I valueContinue reading “Kick your Fears to the curb Teenagers”

Students are you addicted? It’s time for your freedom

#Truthmoment So many kids are struggling with addictions to vaping and weed of all forms.  Let me just go ahead right now and tell the truth.  As much as I was born in Jamaica, I have never smoked weed.  Drop the stereotypes right now, not all native born Jamaicans do weed.  Not that I neverContinue reading “Students are you addicted? It’s time for your freedom”

Gratitude and Affirmations Statements for Students

Post pandemic students have been struggling with going to school. My own included. One day I decided to google top fears students have returning to school. I was surprised to see a long list. At that moment, I decided to write affirmations to counterattack the mental, emotional and physical stressors that kiddos go through onContinue reading “Gratitude and Affirmations Statements for Students”

Students are Scared

We all have fears typically designed to set us back or slow us down.   Post pandemic some students have been struggling with going to school.  For parents, when we think about back to school, we often focus on getting our children supplies, books, and other material needs related to school.  Too often, as parents,Continue reading “Students are Scared”

Lessons about People Post Pandemic

Many things are opening back up in Atlanta. Some companies are mandating a return to the office for three days a week. Although in the past two years, employees have shown that working from home is productive. I must be honest. I am terrified about going back into a building with people. They come withContinue reading “Lessons about People Post Pandemic”

Let it Go: Mistakes & Mistreatments

Sometimes our past can be so messy. Mistakes, misunderstandings or even mistreatment can scar us severely. As we start this year, let’s dig deep. Ask yourself these questions. Is there anyone who disappointed me that I’m holding resentment for in my heart? Have I been holding on to painful memories for days or even decades?Continue reading “Let it Go: Mistakes & Mistreatments”

Black Women: It’s your time Queens

Women are indeed an awesome creation. I’ve been raised by two, and I promise you, you’ve never seen so much ingenuity at work. My mom and grandmother didn’t have it all. They started with very little, a bare foot walking girl and woman. Grandma, her sisters, and their mother and father carried sugar cane onContinue reading “Black Women: It’s your time Queens”

Thankful we hung in there

I’m a list person. I like to write a list and check things off one by one. I have journals, notebooks with a list of things I would like to do. From Outcome lists to Grateful lists to Project lists to affirmations etc.  There are no words to describe how 2020 has slapped us silly.Continue reading “Thankful we hung in there”