An abnormal new norm

A monster pandemic has been unleashed upon the world. Weeks of quarantine. School, work, everything… from home. Hospitals overwhelmed. Loved ones overran by a virus, resulting in virtual or drive by funerals from the sidewalk. For me, the new norm is like an animated horror movie in slo-mo. Does anyone else feel like we’re stuck in the Twilight Zone?

Here’s my first animation of my family at home. The video is just a day in our life during this weird time.

In early March, the first week we worked from home, my hubby went shopping. He was shocked to find bare shelves. It’s hard to believe this was happening in America. He took video of this surreal moment of reality. Take a look for yourself.

I don’t own the rights to this music. It just captures the situation during the first week of the pandemic

2020…In the beginning

Unbelievable right? For me at the beginning of each year, I usually make dissertations sized plans. Since I do documentary production work, most of the pre-production planning is outlined before we hit the road. So I try to model that with family plans, yes you guessed it, control-freak-in-chief. So this may surprise you when I tell you, for 2020 I decided not to make my typical lofty plans… Friends shared their vision boards with me. I had nothing. Oddly enough, I didn’t feel anxious. I prayed whatever your plan is Lord reveal it.

In February, for black history month I got invited to the National Center for Civil and Human Rights. When I asked the boys if they wanted to go, they said yes. This would be a visual experience of pivotal milestones in American history that’s not fully taught at school. It was important and necessary. They got the full immersion of how blacks lived as unwanted strangers in a new land.

They learned how different things were back then and how much things have changed. They sat at the lunch counter and heard insults hurled at them. They felt the seats vibrating to replicate the experience of people kicking their seats. My teenager could not go through the full lunch-counter-experience. He said the sound of voices taunting him, berating him, insulting him pierced his heart. It literally hurt him to hear other human beings talk to darker humans like wild animals. He stopped listening before the timer reached a minute.

My little one had no idea how segregation kept everything separated by race– from schools to cemeteries. When he saw the images where everything for blacks was labeled colored and read that white kids could not be in the same schools with black kids, he said with a frown on his little face, “That’s not fair!” It was an unknown world to him, because today he sits with his white friends at church and at school. As uncomfortable as it was I believe it’s important for children to culturally understand their history to help them navigate their future. Every culture understands the importance of this. So much of the history felt like he said, unfair, yet in the middle of that I found a treasure. My personal favorite image that follows gave me a new appreciation for the power of unity. Read each line carefully and pay attention to the numbers.

Take a look at this document very closely.
Look at all the supplies and hands that planned the March on Washington

Logistics planning is involved in my current day job. When I saw this sheet, it blew me away. As much as Dr. King led the March on Washington, this sheet of paper is a testament that united people of color are a force for good. Look at how they and their allies organized their community to stand up for their rights without a single incident of violence! This A-team thought about everything from buses to hotdogs and far exceeded their attendee goals. I felt the power of unity and the brilliance of a people determined to become more than second place. But in this instant I understood the adage, unity is strength. Being the first or only person of color is not a badge of honor, if you can’t pave the way for others. However, the collective effort of a family, a group of women, a group of young people, an alienated group brings bigger better results. The power of unity is unstoppable.

I’ll pause right here to hail all the people of the past and present with the gift of logistics – who can create calm in the midst of a tsunami. You know who you are, put your hand on your shoulders, then reach to your back and pat yourself from me. Change cannot happen without you. Organizations cannot not run without you. I have a person like this in my family. A true gift. You know who you are!

By the end of February, my little one had an idea for a family outing. He wanted us to go to see a basketball game. I had never been to a game. One day as I was searching for tickets, a friend of mine asked what I was doing. I told her and she offered to buy the whole family tickets. 😱 Thank you for your favor that replaced all my plans.

Little did I know that my first game would be my last game for quite some time. Fast forward a month later and one by one things start shutting down. No one knew we were on the verge of a pandemic. No more gatherings. Including work and restaurants. Sporting events nationwide began cancelling.

Easter was coming up, the largest Christian celebration annually. But a week before Easter, my family had to gather around the TV to watch FB live stream church service. With a small group of singers on stage to sing praises to God, only few staff members in the pews and the rest of us at home. Pastor Gwennie said, “Our house was God’s house.” It stuck with me. I was so impressed that our church that had no live service presence, fully adapted to the shelter in place order that came next.

Even Spring Break was … at home.  Didn’t think I would have to be an actress, but desperate times call for desperate measures. I dressed up like I was going to the beach in my backyard. I figured if real life felt like make believe, I can have a mental vacation. This is one way I transplant myself from a negative reality to a positive possibility. If you’ve reprimanded a child for daydreaming, stop, I personally feel they are taking a mental break into a visual kingdom. Creativity begins in the mind’s eye. We all need it now, especially since we’re on a prolonged sabbatical. With not a clear end in sight.

Staycation Spring Break Quarantine Style


Although I look like a villain in a horror movie—
This is my protective wear to go to the supermarket

We all have questions about the future and a humbling wake up call that we need to replace self reliance with divine dependence. Has it dawned on you that you don’t have control? Not of the next moment, nor the future. Facing this truth is scary. Leaders of families, organizations, companies, schools, food supplies, medical systems and countries need a solution for this ginormous problem.

Many of us have elderly family members– a mother, grandmother, aunt, dad, granddad, uncle that we’re concerned about. Then there is that person who is still in pain because someone they adored got stricken with the virus and then taken away from them. Anyone out there like me that hates this plague?

Information is flowing, mostly negative, some speculative, others informative and all together, that gets overwhelming. I decided to limit my intake of information that breeds negativity and builds up fear. Not because I don’t want to be informed about the latest but because I know the limited nature of my humanness. Negativity is a drug, that once put on autopilot, it forms into an abyss of tormenting questions asking “What if? What about? How can we? When can we?” Questions with no answers is an exhausting exercise. It drains your life source. You get weak and tired.

But what if you accepted that you don’t have the answers to this new abnormal life. What if your idea of a solution doesn’t hold the answer? What if the problem is beyond our human fix? What if the most ingenious person is baffled? The most powerful man is powerless? It’s scary to process that with all our titles, positions, talents, knowledge… we are like grass.

Yet, this acknowledgement forces us to a place of surrendering our entire plan, fix and resolutions to the master planner. Most of us think that the surrender means releasing something for nothing. You may wonder, like I do, “If I let go of what I know, my grand master plan, what will I be left with?” Look at the waves in this next video how they roll in and crash the shore, then recede back into the deep ocean.

Surrender is an exchange, when you let go of your plans, it’s like the waves receding, in exchange you’ll receive His ultimate divine design.

Letting go is not easy, and it can be scary but it has to be done willingly.

Joan Brown went through her own hell. A quadruple murder suicide and lost all her close family members, including her only daughter by gun violence. Yet, having survived and now wheelchair bound, she writes about facing fear head-on.

Joan Brown – FEAR

Listen to her words, and think about any situation looming large over you– no income, loss, sickness, aging, no graduation, no school, no normal. She is smiling. Looking at the world now, paints a grim future but there is life after going through hell and there will be life after a pandemic. Even if we don’t know how it will look, rest assured in this truth from the Psalms, “You saw who you created me to be before I became me! Before I’d ever seen the light of day, the number of days you planned for me were already recorded in your book.”

Spirit Cry

I lay down my control

I lay down my plans

I exchange it for the plans God has for me today and

For the future–for my spouse, me and my family

LIFE’S ROLLERCOASTERS (Climbing through fear)

Welcome back. Today I’m thankful for a new day. A day, I’ve never seen before or will ever see again. In the book, The Secret Door to Success, by Florence Scovel Shinn, she tells this story. Shinn went to visit her friend in Brooklyn. Her friend loved to do strange things and asked her to go with her to watch the sunrise in Prospect Park. At first, she didn’t want to go but later decided to join her friend. When they arrived in the park, everything was pitch black. As the sun peaked over the horizon, all at once a loud sound erupted. A zoo is next to the park, and all the animals in the zoo broke out in a chorus– birds, monkeys, you name it, made a joyful noise to welcome this brand new day. Let’s learn from the animals to sing praises when we live to see a new day!

I do not own the rights to this song

As the song says, his goodness is chasing us. I truly appreciate that spiritual support especially in the times when things are really sad. Life has those moments when people are in the depths of despair because they have lost a loved one. Since my last blog, my sister Jurmeine experienced the pain of losing her mother. I remember the shock when she heard the news, the confusion in her voice, the despair on her face. Losing a mother has got to be the worst feeling in the world.

As you can imagine she had sleepless nights. As the days went by, then came a slew of dark emotions. A few phobias including the fear of flying and the fear of funerals attacked her. She tried balancing them with the wonderful memories of her mom, but it was hard. After trying to handle it on her own, she decided to reach out and just be honest about the struggle. “Many family members suffer in silence,” she said. But I’m glad she reached out and told her truth. I spent the rest of the day praying for her. I found this song and played it over and over again.


I do not own the rights to this song

I sent her the song but before I did, she texts that she felt the prayers. I asked her to play it over and over again just like I had done. Such freedom filled my mind listening to those words on repeat. Again, I want to say I appreciate the spiritual comfort and support of God. Too many times we overlook it. My other sisters showered her with so much love and her precious daughter never left her side. We all became God’s loving arms extended to comfort her. My dad tried to alleviate stress and God soon gave her a prayer–“Give me strength and give me peace.”

Jurmeine and Raina
Traveling fearlessly

On the day of her flight, as the plane got ready to take off her legs trembled. She called for the peace of God over them. She felt her body tremble, and she called for the peace of God over her body. Friends, it subsided. Here’s a song that you can use to invite peace into your anxiety, peace into your despair, and peace into your fear. Her words were her wand, the vehicle that brought peace into her situation. Like her, if you are in torment and turmoil invite the peace of God to come in.

I do not own the rights to this song

Love, forgiveness and good memories lifted her throughout the funeral and her eulogy moved everyone to the core.  The fear of funerals dissipated.  Peace was the order of the day.

Here’s the song that is carrying her through it.

I do not own the rights to this song

When she returned, I saw a double portion of strength and resolve in her. She learned her mother left to join her ancestors on the other side of this life. She knows she’s watching over her and her daughter. A picture of both of them at the entrance of her mom’s home is a statement that they are adored by her. Now my sister is ferociously watching over her health, mentally and physically. She’s bold and embracing a newfound self-care and love. She’s shed the lifestyle of a hermit and opening the doors for more family connections. God may have granted her a double portion mantle of her mother’s strength and kindness.

Cancer Action Month

No matter how much of a planner you are, no one is ever ready for these words, “You have cancer.”

When Cancer Strikes

This year I had two different experiences, an aunt battling cancer announced in a WhatsApp family group chat that she had been suffering with cancer and woke up daily with intense pain. Her suffering was great. I gotta tell you, the news shocked me. I felt helpless. Yet there was urgency to pray because she was in another country.

A nurse, my aunt believe in science but her greatest belief was in divine healing. She prayed as did the family, but that wasn’t her story and she passed away after many many years of fighting. Rest in the arms of the Lord Aunty.

Another family member got news her mom had cancer, after her shoulder cracked. She got the news in an odd way because the doctor thought she already knew. Those words from the doctor were like a death sentence. I could tell from her tears, she felt overwhelmed, so much to do, where do I start? Are you ever so overwhelmed you can’t even ask questions? Thank goodness for people who could fill in when things seem like a big bowl of mental dough. Right in time, family came to her aid, to keep her spirits up. It was hard, scary even because no one is ever ready. Some of the things that she faced were as follows:

  • Tests to take
  • Finding a good support system
  • Coming up with large sums of money to take the many tests so the doctors can know where it started and how it has progressed
  • And time, time off from work to get everything done
  • Change of diet for her mom, more money
  • Getting everything on paper out of her head so she can help her mom

Yup it’s a lot. And no one is ever ready. The automatic financial obligation can be very scary with or without insurance.

Control what you can

As this month is cancer awareness my sister is selling wristbands at work to raise money for cancer research. That inspired me to raise money to donate to St Judes. Awareness is one thing but taking action to help spread hope is my goal. We can’t control some things in life but there are things we can do to make those going through the hard time not feel alone.


  • Give money
  • Give kind words of hope
  • Write notes of affirmation
  • Give them a call:   Listen & alleviate some of their fears and confusion


We are much more connected than we think. For one family member we left notes all over the house, so even in our absence, she could read notes of hope, and feel our presence with her. In turn she could find strength for her mom. I’m so thankful those words brought a smile to her face and joy to her heart.

For so many of us life is going on, for others, life has stopped by tragedy or news of impending doom. Let’s make an effort to connect. That’s the biggest lesson I got from my mama, and I’m sharing it with you. Call, text, FaceTime, pray for your family, send blessings of health to them.

For cancer awareness month, I’d like to call it, Cancer Action Month. I’m selling my book & my son’s book as a combo package. We will donate a portion of our sales to St. Judes. Can you help us?


Book sale here!




You get the news, that kicks you in the stomach,

Takes your breath away,

Immediately tears flow uncontrollably

The C word has invaded your family bond

Questions, how, why, when is the end?

Swirls like a world wind in your head

It feels like your own death sentence

Except it’s your mom, or aunt or someone you never imagined life without

You are not ready

So you cry and cry and cry

Alone, in public, in the stillness of the night

It’s dark. But a hug from a sister

Prayer from friends

Support from the unlikeliest place

Faith for the impossible

Words of hope & help

Someone to ask questions at the doctor

Someone to get a plan in place

The village shows up

People connected and what seemed impossible before became possible.

The money, the treatment, the time, even life got an extension.

We fight for the ones we love, when we take action together.


Lonely Girl?

Sometimes we can feel completely alone.

Abandoned, Broken and Confused— because a father is not close by and mother has to work all the time.

Why am I alone you ask?

Why did he turn his back on us, why me?

That place of why—

So dark

So deep

So painful

In that place as a little girl, looking up, I ask are you gone too?

Are you even there?

A thought to flip the pages of your book pops into my mind.

A random flip and my eyes land on these words.

“When my father and my mother forsake me, Then the LORD will take care of me.”

Are you talking to me? My trembling words barely leave my lips?

Are you here with me in this dark lonely place?

You’re gonna take care of me?

Tears begin to flow, at the thought of a Heavenly Caretaker.

At that moment, He lifted the lonely cloud.

At that moment, he became my Divine Daddy.

And the God who made heaven and earth,

Took over the reigns of my life— to execute his ultimate plan for my hopeful future.

If you are in that place of alone…

He is not far from you.

Look up.

Speak out loud— is like speaking into his ear.

Ask him to manifest. Ask for a hug.

Believe me, He’s near.

Happy Sunday!

You are not alone, dear girl. How do I know? I once was you. Missing the dad, who never comes home. Missing the mom who works to keep us afloat, while grandma held down the fort.

Do you feel you can’t get through it? I understand. I felt the same too and I promise, in your dad’s absence, there is an opportunity to connected with someone even bigger. Check out my book and see how I got through. You can get through it too.

Your life is completely under the control of a force much greater than your missing dad.

Share this with any girl missing her dad.


You are Important

Great morning family. If you have ever felt, rejected, forsaken and abandoned. Believe and receive this today.










Step into your day today, knowing you are indeed a treasure.

Why do we act like we’re here forever?

Blessed day!

It’s mother’s day. Right now, many have sent flowers. Others will be taking their mothers out. Some will be buying gifts, bringing breakfast in bed but most will basically be doing anything they can to honor their mommy, mama, mom.

If you are a mother, good morning precious! I honor you for your amazing, incredible sacrifice. Your love, faith, direction, discernment encapsulates who we are today.

You have downloaded all of who you are into your children. And though not perfect we get to work at it everyday. As far as I’m concerned, everyday is mother’s day. So, thank you, I honor my mother and yours, I honor my grandmother and all the fill-in mothers, all those teachers and after-care workers who are mothers of many. Thank. You. Very. Much.
Here’s my tribute to my mom.

For weeks one thing has been on my mind. It has to deal with death. This year I lost the matriarch on my father’s side, weeks before her hundredth birthday. So this morning my dad is missing his mother. Weeks later my nephew passed away, so my brother is missing his son. A few weeks after that my aunt passed away, and our family is missing her.

The back to back departure hit me with this truth– as much as we act like our loved ones will be here forever, they won’t! I heard speeches about how much each person meant to those still here, but wondered if the one laying in the casket knew how much they were adored.

It dawned on me that instead of waiting, collect the pictures now, write down your thoughts about them, express your love for them, give them the keepsake, flowers, party favor… When they are present. Somehow we pull it off after the fact. My late grandma said it this way, “Do all the good you can, to all the people you can, in all the ways you can, for as long as you can.”

This past April, my siblings and I made a magazine of our father and presented it to him for his birthday. Why wait until he is gone? In my book, I share my story of not having the privilege to form a connection with him while growing up. Today, I cannot go back in time but as I grow older, and have kids, and learn about him, so much of him is in us. We are family, we need each other.

For those who have lost their mothers, I know you miss her to pieces. Some of you are missing your grandma because you never ever imagined a world without her in it. That sadness you feel, while everyone else is saying “Happy Mother’s Day” is love. It is affirmation that she made a mark and her presence was a ripple effect on you, and everyone she came in contact with. She is your treasure and she’s left her fingerprint all over you.

Whether dead or alive, we can all celebrate that mother’s do the best they can, with what they have at the time. Some try, some mess up, but they are trying. Forgive their short comings, let go the past hurts and going forward, let’s choose love. Human beings are not invincible, no matter what we tell ourselves. Not to be morbid but with each breath you are closer to the end of life.   Make today count.  Love on your kids, your mama, like it’s your last chance. Leave no room in their mind to doubt that you love and care. No matter what drove you apart in the past.  If there is life, there is an opportunity. If your relationship with your mom is broken prayer 1 below is for you.



Infinite spirit give me the strength to forgive my mother

Ignite the love of God in my heart,

Dissolve and dissipate all anger, resentment, rejection & fear

With the light of your love.


Nobody has it in them to resist love.


You are welcomed to comment share and like, if you choose.


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Woman don’t you dear suffer in silence

I grew up around a tribe of women–grandma, her four sisters, and my mom. What I learned first hand is this, when women get together and make a plan, you better watch out! But today, I’m writing about something that women often bury that many of us do not see.

Women, particularly the more mature in age, are very efficient at concealing pain and disappointment.  Some will even mask it with their faith and trust in God.

In my book, I share that while growing up in Jamaica my grandma would often declare and even brag like it was a badge of honor, that from 1960 and 1, she’s never had a man. She would say, “I’ve got Jesus and that’s enough.”

My mom took the same posture.  Recently, I had a conversation with a lovely lady, beautiful inside and out.  She’s in her 70s and  shared a story about going through the worst kind of deception possible.  I could tell from her tone the hurt was still raw.  When I asked her when did that story happen, her response floored me.  “It happened in 1976–but it feels like yesterday,” she said.  That was more than 40 years ago and to me that statement felt like a punch in the gut.

At that point I realized that many women, beautiful women, women of faith, carry their pain and suffering inside like a badge of honor.  Some nurse the resentment like a baby. Not knowing how to release the pain that came with someone else betraying them, someone else abandoning them, someone speaking harshly to them, or someone deceiving them.  The bitterness that comes from all of that, they carry around like a favorite handbag.

The time for release is now.  Say this out loud, only if you seek freedom.


The lights of Infinite Intelligence now streams through my consciousness dissolving and dissipating all anger and resentment. I am at peace with myself and the whole world.  Anyone who has hurt me, I release them and send blessings to their life.

Listen ladies, even if a man that you loved deeply betrayed you, you can be free of the hurt. Even if it’s deep.  Decide and let liberty be your choice today.


Ladies, my dear friend Kerlyn Brown of Inspire Jamaica sends her inspiration to you.


Happy mommy month!  You are a mighty force!


History maker in my family


Can you imagine how you would feel if you had a history maker in your family?  Today’s blog post is from one of my dear friends, Mrs. Joy-Ann Brown. Her husband made history this past weekend and she shares the very special moment with us. Let’s celebrate with her! I’m so excited to share her story.


When family members win, it’s important to celebrate the accomplishment.  Today, I celebrate my dear husband’s amazing achievement.  Last weekend in Arkansas, he got inducted into the John Brown University Hall of Fame.

img_7422To express how proud I am of him is nearly impossible.  Yet, I will try.  25 years after graduating from his university, he is still having an impact on the University, the coach and his soccer teammates.  He is my best friend, my rib, and I adore him, but to see others esteem him was so refreshing.  I’m still excited thinking about how much they honored him, and the numbers of men and their families that came out to support him.  Simply put, my love got lauded to Rock Star status.  His plaque for excellence in soccer is now mounted on the wall of his alma mater and will forever be part of their history.



People flocked him, even the sitting president wanted to meet him.  He had heard so much about Terry from faculty, pass soccer players and students.  He said, “I have been waiting to meet this Shiffa that everyone describes as a legend, I was starting to think it was a myth.”

I thought I knew about his glory days of playing soccer for JBU.  But hearing the stories from the players and the coach gave me an inside look at how passionate he was about this sport.  One player described him as, “the embodiment of JBU soccer.”  Yet another described him as, “a true model ambassador to JBU and a patriot of Antigua and Barbuda.”  Coach Galveston said, “in my 30 years of coaching, I have never had such a hardworking and motivated player as Terry.”
His scores, national honors, even university awards backed up their praises.  He is still in a league of his own in JBU soccer– A three-time All-American, six records standing and team captain during his senior year.  These are some of the memorable quotes about him.  “All his athletic accomplishments was due to his natural ability and his incredible work ethic.  He has an ability to motivate the players around him and bring out their best, both as players and people.  Terry is one of the most positive and pleasant people I know.”
Everyone had so many memorable stories to share and I was so happy that Joshua and I were able to witness it.  I’m still amazed at the footprints Terry left on JBU and the impact he still has on the coach, past and present players.  My legend will always be etched in the University’s history forever.  He is an impeccable person, husband, and father and our family couldn’t be more proud of him.
What a way to celebrate Black History month. Terry we are so proud of you!
I encourage any one reading this today, don’t underestimate your potential. God uses available vessels to make an impact. Dare to follow your passion like Terry, soon you’ll become that rock in the pond like him and make your ripple effect.

My Thanksgiving gift to you

For God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory.

For most of us, when we pray, we make a request to God, asking him to meet our needs.  If there is a problem, we ask for the solution. If we’re facing a big decision we ask for guidance.

Have you received those things you need that you’ve been asking for?  If so wonderful! Let’s pause right here and thank God for all of your answered prayers.

This post is for those who are praying but no speedy answers are in sight. It feels arduous, making the same request over & over again. Some say, “Be patient!” But you are getting weary, worn and sad.

Let me make a few suggestions. For the thing you so desperately need fixed, can I ask you a question? Do you know someone who needs the same thing? Close your eyes and picture him/her smiling with light on their face and say, “God bless _______ (their name here) with a new home, or their perfect match or an avalanche of abundance, or wonderful work for wonderful pay (or whatever your need is). Pray for someone today.

Secondly, according to the book, The Game of Life and How to play it, the author says “There is a supply for every demand.”  Meaning, if you have a need, the Lord by divine right must supply it.  Since it’s already a done deal let’s start offering prayers of thanksgiving for that which is already supplied.

Here is how you do it.

Infinite spirit of God, I thank you for the perfect faith to believe You for the impossible.  Thank you for providing me with __________ from your open and generous hand.  Thank you that it will come in the perfect way, at the perfect time. Thank you that you’ve promised to open up the windows of heaven and pour out on me a blessing that there is not room to receive it.  Thank you for a speedy reply.

I give you thanks Oh Lord! Thy will be done this day.  Today is a perfect day. A day of completion.  Miracles will follow miracles and wonders will never cease.

Action Challenge

For the next week be intentional about praying for someone with the same needs as you.

If you need a mate. Bless your X and send him/her peace and goodwill. Thank God for supplying all their needs. Now thank him for supplying you with your divine match.

If you are broke. Bless the little in your possession, bless your income and all you spend, thank God for multiplying it. Thank God for making it manifest in the visual plane at the perfect time, in a perfect way. Thank him for being the gift as well as the giver.

If you need work. Wonderful work/business in a wonderful way. I give wonderful service and receive wonderful pay.

If you are facing stress and persecution. Bless your enemy, send the person causing you harm blessing and goodwill. Thank God for filling them with goodness and mercy. See them smiling with light on their faces. May all that is yours by divine right come to you.

First Prayer as you open your eyes. Bless you Lord my God, for blessing me with life. Thy will be done this day. Today is a day of completion. Today is a perfect day. Miracles will follow miracles and wonders will never cease.

Friends, I suspect there will be an avalanche of answers to prayers in the days ahead. When those miracles begin to take place, please do me a favor.

1. Post them in the comments here or email me at

2. Share this blog with someone who you think needs it.

3. Share this blog post on your social media platforms

Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving! I salute the divinity in you!

Do you want to win at Life?

Friends, have you ever read a book that you wish everybody in the world would read? Well I have one for you.

My best friend shared it with me. Now my hubby and I are reading it. I suspect my kids will be reading it. I’ve shared it with my siblings. Yes, it’s great!

It’s going to shift your paradigm. Let’s dig in with this free copy on YouTube via Audiovox.

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