You are well-favored

Hello my friends.  Did you engage your imagination today? Well whether you did or didn’t, guess what? The Lord has thought about you. How do I know? Well read this.  
“No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him.” (1 Cor 2:9)
Friends, it sounds like big things are ahead of you right? It would probably blow your minds, if you got a tiny glimpse.  
So today I challenge you to imagine yourself for five minutes experiencing God’s favor. But before you do declare this prayer.  
Prayers for Blessing and Favor (John Eckhardt)

Lord, bless me and keep me. Make Your face to shine upon me, and be gracious unto me. Lord, lift up Your countenance upon me and give me peace (Num. 6:24–26).
Let me be satisfied with favor and filled with Your blessing (Deut. 33:23).
Lord, command Your blessing upon my life.

Give me revelation, and let me be blessed (Matt. 16:17).

I am the seed of Abraham through Jesus Christ, and I receive the blessing of Abraham. Lord, in blessing, bless me, and in multiplying, multiply me as the stars of heaven and as the sand of the seashore.
Let Your showers of blessing be upon my life (Ezek. 34:26).
Turn every curse sent my way into a blessing (Neh. 13:2).
Let Your blessing make me rich (Prov. 10:22).
Let all generations call me blessed (Luke 1:48).
I live in the kingdom of the blessed (Mark 11:10).
My sins are forgiven, and I am blessed (Rom. 4:7)
“Lord, You daily load me with benefits (Ps. 68:19).
I am chosen by God, and I am blessed (Ps. 65:4).
My seed is blessed (Ps. 37:26).
Lord, bless my latter end more than my beginning (Job 42:12).”
“I am highly favored (Luke 1:28).
Lord, let me receive extraordinary favor.”

Now ask for His plans to be downloaded to you. Sit for 5 minutes and take in the favor that God has in store for you. Share in the comments what you saw. Exciting isn’t it?
Once out of your imagination ask Him to let His plans invade your reality.

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Until next time, you are worthy, you are valuable and you are the! ❤️T’Marie

Stepping up higher


Welcome Friends. Whether you are new to my blog or a regular, I am happy that you are here because I have exciting information to share with you. Since my last blog so much has changed.


For starters, school is out. Many have graduated and summer months are here. For children, it is the time to rest, reflect on pitfalls and the opportunity to define strategies for future successes. For graduates, it is the end of a chapter and beginning of another. For adults, there is a break in the routine and since half the year has passed, it’s a natural place to break and re-evaluate if our January plans are on track.


In fact, as fall approaches, both kids and adults will be entering a new phase of their lives— one more level up. That’s life; there is always another level, a new project, and something else to overcome.


Are you on the cusp of something new? It’s something you have never done before. It may appear extremely difficult. Maybe your fears are shouting loudly in your mind; the task ahead seems overwhelming!


Yet, you take the plunge. Like a baby with wobbly knees, you take the first step. Your fears are confirmed. Indeed, it is even more complicated, than you imagined. In fact, you are in total darkness about the outcome. You cannot see the end, simply because you’ve never been there before.


Life challenges. New Projects. Next level. All have uncertainty swirling around them. In that place of darkness, it is vitally important to stay connected to the one who knows the beginning and the end. Although you cannot see, He already knows, where your feet will land.


Recently, I went through moments of intense darkness and uncertainty.  I had a couple of weeks where I’d been tasked with some new responsibilities. The first thing that came to mind was fear. This is unfamiliar territory, how am I supposed to do this?


Flying blind, my first attempts felt like climbing up a mountain. I made a checklist of how to tackle the big project. I drew a mind map to visualize the order of my strategy, so I could take action. But I still got stuck and overwhelmed. After that came mind block, the clear plan had taken a hit.


I acknowledged that place of darkness but decided to shift my focus. Jehovah Ori means “The Lord my Light.” I know that I am not made to park in darkness but bring light to it. Therefore, I called forth Jehovah Ori into my situation. I praised Him for opening my eyes and giving me 20/20 vision to see my way out. I thanked Him for having a successful plan for my way forward. After that, I asked for divine strategies and tactics to overcome my fear of uncertainty. My friends, He is all knowing, even when we don’t know where to go.


I am also very clear, on who controls and dwells in darkness; whose mission it is to keep me from seeing. If I am bombarded by negative thoughts like these, it’s my cue to re-focus:


  1. I can’t do this!
  2. It’s too hard.
  3. I do not have the resources or intellect.
  4. This is the hand I’ve been dealt, I can never get out.
  5. My life won’t be better because, for generations, all my family struggled this way.
  6. Prosperity is for someone else.


This is when I acknowledge the lie, rebuke and resist the blindness blocking my insight. From there, I reject the idea that anything is too big for me.  Instead, I take authority and remind myself that I am completely, spiritually, mentally equipped to handle anything that comes my way.


Those revelations are like flipping the switch in a dark room.  Friends, never invite the darkness to consume you. When you sense that it is growing and taking over your mental real estate, to the point where it starts to keep you up at night, it is time to shift your focus.


Who matters most to you? Connect with them in a meaningful way. Let them know just how grateful you are for them. Play. Live. Laugh hard. Connect. Force yourself off the mental treadmill of negativity and draw close to the ones who are entrusted to you. This break will bring you inspiration.


One night as I’m coming home from work,  a scripture came to my mind. “His DIVINE POWER has given to us ALL things that pertain to Life and Godliness, through the knowledge of Him who called us by glory and virtue.”  You know why I remembered that scripture?  Well the big ol’ scary, daunting project, with God’s help, I nailed it!

You and I have the divine power to figure out any difficult situation. There is absolutely NOTHING that you nor I cannot get out of. My friends, once illuminated by the Spirit of God, you can do the impossible. You can see the invisible. You can achieve what seems unattainable. Unstoppable, yes you are! My girlfriend says this all the time God plus me we’re the majority. With God, NOTHING IS TOO HARD TO FIGURE OUT! King David says it this way, “With you, I can charge into battle; with my God, I can leap over a wall.”


As the rest of the year is stretched out ahead of you, know this my friends— you’re fully equipped to handle anything that comes your way.


For the Fathers and for those who face uncertainty right now, this is your prayer.



Lord my next level and my new endeavors are daunting. Especially when the outcome is uncertain.  Lord, thank you for already equipping me with all things to successfully get to the other side of my mountain. Jehovah Ori please illuminates my way. Dispel the darkness and the negative thoughts that are fighting for control of my mind. Open my eyes that I may see. Give me a divine revelation. I call forth revelation for the way forward and divine strategies to get there.


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Wish my niece the best, she finished High School yeah!!!!


Until next time, I call forth His Divine Power to activate in you!


Tit-for-tat is a bad strategy

Welcome to your safe space. My friends, I’m not sure what the weather is like for you today, but where I am it has been raining all day.  Spring showers are here! My pastor calls it liquid sunshine.

In last week’s blog, we explored the struggle of broken people.  Today, let us examine broken relationships.  Now ladies, I am sure you will be familiar with this next analogy.

Do you remember the time when your favorite necklace broke? I was thinking about how to illustrate broken relationships and as I stepped off the elevator, my necklace broke. All the beads went flying in different directions. I wasn’t very happy about it but very quickly I recognized that God had given me the imagery that I needed.

A broken relationship looks like my necklace. The beads that once made the necklace a beautiful accessory, are no longer together but scattered.  Feelings associated with suffering in a broken relationship, is a whole other matter. It becomes awkward and uncomfortable. In fact, the tension from the conflict sucks the air out of the room and the people involved erect invisible walls. This creates an overall caustic environment.

Have you been there friends? Maybe your relationship with your boss and co-workers is strenuous. Maybe you secretly hate going to work because things are so tense. Or maybe you are noticing a change in your personality–once you were an extrovert but of late you’d rather stay behind closed doors to avoid everyone.

Or maybe you face an uphill battle in a relationship with a lover, your child’s father/mother, a family member or friend. Things are simply difficult. Let’s look at some examples. Let’s say you share your opinion with the person that you are in conflict with and suddenly bullets of negativity come flying out of their mouth. Pow! Straight to your heart! Or your child’s dad breaks another promise he makes to you and your baby. Pow! Another blow to your self-esteem, your trust. Pow! Excuses, excuses, everything is oh so wrong, nothing is going right! Usually what follows is the mother of all blows, machine gun blazing bullets– deadly awkward silence…

In an article from Harvard Business Review, it states that a prolonged stressful environment has the same effect as constantly inhaling second-hand smoke. It kills slowly.

You can leave the space, right? Leave that job. Leave that lover. Ignore that family member, drop that friend. But there is also an alternate stance for those longstanding relationships. Let God show you how to fix it!

How can I? You ask when it seems irreparably broken?  Well, this is where knowing what to do and deciding to the right thing collides. Especially, when you know you’ve been treated unfairly, had your reputation trashed or simply misunderstood.

I’d like to share this thought from the NapoleonHillFoundation. I think it sums up what to do to shift those caustic exchanges. “The safest and best way to punish one who has done you an injustice is to do him or her a kind deed in return. People will always respond in kind, even in greater measure than that which is delivered to them. This commonplace need for retaliation can be replaced with a response designed to convert an enemy into a friend. If you get rid of the millstone of pride, you can respond to an injustice with a kind deed. It may take time to make this work, but if you treat those who dislike you with unfailing kindness, they will eventually succumb to your influence and “retaliate” in kind. As Napoleon Hill said, “The hottest coals of fire ever heaped upon the head of one who has wronged you are the coals of human kindness.”

By no means am I inferring that to show kindness to an unkind person is easy, but believe me kindness is contagious. Even more importantly, when you decide to shower kindness on a mean, angry person and instead give them the love in you, something supernatural happens. Walls fall down and once hard hearts begin to soften.

I promise, the next time you face unkindness, and your reflex says launch a tit-for-tat assassination, pump the breaks! Decide, “I refuse to roll around in the mud of unkindness. Instead, I chose to show them love & unlimited kindness.”

It is a theory I have tested and proven. Can you join me?

PRAYER: Lord, I commit this broken relationship to you. Please fix it. Protect my emotion and spirit. Let it repel all the negativity directed towards me. Tear down the invincible walls that I have erected to protect myself from pain. Heal me O Lord from brokenness, mend me with your love. I now ask for your help today to be a display of your love to those who show no love. I invite your presence to shift the atmosphere of my workplace/home/classroom(fill in the blanks here of the place you want to be changed). Jesus, fill this place and this relationship with your peace.
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Remember, it’s not easy but you can forgive.  It’s not easy but you can #buildupthebroken.  It’s not easy but you can be kind to unkind people.  Let’s do it! Denzel Washington says it best.


Comment, share, subscribe and join the mission to #buildupthebroken.  I challenge you to pass the #NoMoreTitForTatTest.  Do it now!



The Ultimate Comeback from a Broken Heart

Life is a journey of unexpected blows— broken hearts can lead to devastating outcomes.  The dictionary defines broken as violently separated into parts; completely shattered like broken glass.

Disappointment can also shatter our expectations and shake our core until we’re bowled over in pain.

Like when a parent abandons a child; when a relationship shatters; when a marriage struggles on shaky ground or even when it completely dissolves. Crack, crack, crack, until the only thing left is a  state of devastation and ruin.

I believe, it is one of those experiences that the bible refers to as the valley of the shadow of death.  It is a dark place.  It is lonely.  Even if people speak, you cannot hear. There is numbness followed by deep pain.

One young lady, I met last week described her own brokenness while going through a divorce.  She said, “I hurt from a place I never knew existed.”   Reduced to ashes, she questioned her value.  In fact, her thoughts screamed lies.  “You are worthless!  No one loves you!  What is wrong with you?”  And… she believed it.

Can you relate to her story?  It may or may not be divorce but has something really broken you?

God’s solution for a broken thing is to bind it.  The dictionary defines bind as to wrap around with something so as to enclose or cover; to fasten together.  He is close to the crushed soul and he can bind what has been broken.  In fact,  His solution for a ruined and devastated condition is to rebuild and restore it.  From the dictionary, the word implies making whole or sound something broken, torn, or injured.

If you had a great fall, dismiss the Humpty Dumpty notion that you cannot be put back together again.  Broken hearts can be bounded up and ruined people can be rebuilt.   Believe that!

The Lord is with you, but you must decide to relocate from ruins!  A speaker on Facebook Live challenged his listeners to think how different the resurrection story would have been if Jesus decided to remain parked in the grave after he arose.  Like Jesus moved out, get out of your grave.  Counteract every opposing belief in your mind.  Counteract crippling emotion that’s holding you down in the ashes of your pain. Ask a friend to help you.

Attacks are a part of life. They come into our lives for ultimate destruction.  But they also serve another purpose and that is so you can have an ultimate comeback.


May these words hit the bull’s eye of your heart and bind up anything missing or broken in Jesus name.

I declare restoration of your broken-down walls!  Let beauty come from your ashes.  May strength return to you double fold. May your paradigm shift now.  Instead of being consumed by the heartbreak that has maimed you, it will be replaced by the Joy of the Lord! Let excitement fill your heart and mind for your reconstruction has begun.  Arise in the power that not only rose Jesus up but moved Him out of the grave.  Like Him, walk out from the rubble, a mightier woman, or man of God!

“He heals the brokenhearted and bandages their wounds.” (Psalms 147:3)



Music 🎶 to inspire you

Birthday Celebration 

Sharing my best friend’s blog today, because real joy is truly contagious!  She’s a woman in her 40’s embracing her new chapter.  As you know I struggled with turning the Big Four O.  It’s like I had entered the ancient ruins to the tombs of life.  I know dramatic right? That’s my experience and as I settle into this new space, it’s good to know, I am older and with a lot of divine help, I am truly wiser.
Enjoy her journey and listen to her heart.  You’ll see why I love this girl.

I celebrated my birthday this week and as with each year I use the day to reflect on where I am and where I hoped to be. In the past I can admit I use to hate the reflection because I was extremely hard on myself. I always thought that I should have been further ahead in my career and if the career track was ok, then I moved on to thinking my life should be better in some way.  Others looking in on my life from the outside would assume that I had it altogether, I had everything I needed and probably I did at some points. But as soon as my birthday came around and the self-evaluation began; I didn’t see or feel anything was working the way I expected.

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The transition between winter and spring can be riddled with storms. Nature essentially is waking up from a few months of sleep; trees are resurrecting back to life and gray dark skies are turning blue again. Where I live in the south that means the air is saturated with massive amounts of pollen that often cause eyes to swell shut and nostrils to become completely clogged. All this discomfort is to bring forth the beauty of spring flowers, budding fruits trees and green plants.


Last week, our children had Spring Break. We planned to spend a few days at the beach. On the day of our departure a bout of storms passed through our region, including threats of tornadoes. From the radio, we heard the news that the Mayor issued a state of emergency for Alabama. That is where we were headed.


The morning of our trip up until 9am, it was still dark. The sky opened and a downpour of rain beat on the windows of our home. We braved the weather, but not before calling our hotel to find out if they were having torrential rains. Surprisingly, they did not, the lady at the front desk reported she only saw predictions of a few scattered showers. “No rain or dark clouds,” she said.


So we hit the road, into what seemed like the clouds had enveloped the earth. A monsoon, gray fog, gray skies clouded our visibility. My hubby and everyone else on the highway turned on our hazard lights to see the car ahead of us. Every media platform, from radio to social media reported that the storm would last for two days!


“Watch out for an extra pocket of dark clouds, it could be a tornado!” one radio host exclaimed. Beeping warning notifications begin to blare from our mobile devices. Indeed, the storm was ragging.


As we continued from one highway to the next, the monsoon and grayness seemed to go on for infinity. Although that was my reality, I knew deep down that we were headed to blue skies. The sun would come out again. That is where I kept my expectations; I even took a nap and dreamed about the sunshine and the sea.


After a few hours of driving in the storm, suddenly it stopped. I looked up in the sky and saw white clouds and blue skies. Here is the picture.IMG_9512


Right then a thought hits me. No matter how the storm rages in our lives, if you just keep moving forward, even with poor visibility, you will realize that the storm is now in the rare view mirror of your life. If you have a metaphoric “beach destination” in mind, don’t park in the storm. Keep heading in the direction of your vision. Why remain in the storm with everybody else, when just up ahead there will be palm trees gently swaying in the wind, calming waves are rolling in on the shores and birds are flying freely?


But what if you can’t change location? Then mentally remove yourself from the storm by focusing on the amazing possibilities that lies ahead of you. There is life, beauty, peace and an opportunity to walk on the shores of promise and get your toes wet, after the storm.





And when He had sent the multitudes away, He went up on the mountain by Himself to pray. Now when evening came, He was alone there. But the boat was now in the middle of the sea,[a tossed by the waves, for the wind was contrary. Now in the fourth watch of the night Jesus went to them, walking on the sea. And when the disciples saw Him walking on the sea, they were troubled, saying, “It is a ghost!” And they cried out for fear. But immediately Jesus spoke to them, saying, “Be of good cheer! It is I; do not be afraid.”

And Peter answered Him and said, “Lord, if it is You, command me to come to You on the water. So He said, “Come.” And when Peter had come down out of the boat, he walked on the water to go to Jesus. But when he saw that the wind was boisterous,[b] he was afraid; and beginning to sink he cried out, saying, “Lord, save me!” And immediately Jesus stretched out His hand and caught him, and said to him, “O you of little faith, why did you doubt?” And when they got into the boat, the wind ceased.

Then those who were in the boat came and worshiped Him, saying, “Truly You are the Son of God.” When they had crossed over, they came to the land of Gennesaret.



Your mind can see. Most of us including me, too often get stuck focusing all our attention on the storm like Peter did. Instead, train your mind to take daily visits to your intended destination. Don’t forget to take action to move forward. One day you will wake up and find yourself living your dream. Tweet and share this statement. “Step by step, bit by bit, I will move things forward.”


Lord, storms are destructive.  They often times bring about a level of fear and panic.  Many times we do not know how to maneuver the elements.  For the storms I face today, give me the courage to not let it paralyze my momentum.  Through the winds and waves keep me moving forward in faith and trust that the God of the Storm is with me.  I call forth His all consuming peace in the midst of this storm. In Jesus name, Amen.

If you need help to practice using your mind to see, visit my Resource Page for this devotional and get started today.

If you are going through a storm and would like me to pray for you, send me an email on my Contacts Page and I will add you to my prayer list.

Until next time, your greatness is waiting to be unleashed.  I call it forth!

STORYTIME:  Every woman needs a mentor for marriage

As love month is coming to a close, I want to take the opportunity to share this story with you. It is my intention to keep the love flowing in our lives next month and beyond.  Although this story is about women from a different religion, I believe we can learn something about strengthening marriages.  


As you read the story, press play and listen to music 🎶 by Seymour Heron the Musical Storyteller

R. Rothman got engaged at 27-years old. Her wedding was finally around the corner, despite trends showing marriage rates at an all-time low for 20-somethings in America. For this educator, getting married in her late twenties is an anomaly, since young women in her Hasidic community in Crown Heights, New York would typically get married at 19 years old.

Although she’s off to a “late start,” she places great significance on marriage.  It lies at the core of her identity as a Jewish woman.  She believes, it is the beginning of her journey towards fulfilling her life’s purpose.

“We are taught that the woman is the pillar of the home,” said Rothman. “The general health of the family—emotional, spiritual and physical health is dependent upon the tone that the woman sets in the home.” (Tweet NOW)

It’s not an uncommon philosophy in our society— for years women have indeed been the cornerstone of family life. Yet, before the wedding, Rothman took active steps towards preparing herself for this major responsibility.  Instead of focusing on preparations like fitting the dress, decorating the hall and the myriad of other last minute tasks, she went to get training from a wife coach.

The appointment was with Mrs. Sarah Karmely for a one-on-one session geared towards clarifying Rothman’s upcoming role as wife and mother. Karmely’s expertise is lecturing on traditional Jewish marriage and family ideals.  Since Rothman’s engagement they have had regular meetings.

“A Jewish woman does everything. She works, runs the home, and she is called the crown of her husband’s head,” said the bridal coach. “Meaning she’s held in high regard because she is raising the next generation.” (Tweet this)

“I think the job description is more daunting than anything I have ever taken on,” replied Rothman the eager student.

A big job— most new wives must try to figure out all by themselves.  But not Rothman, she has Karmely’s expert guidance.  Married for nearly five decades, at this meeting she is giving Rothman the roadmap for how to strategically use her feminine strength and influence to positively impact her marriage.

“Every woman needs a mentor.  I’ve been coaching women for 37 years,” said Karmely. “I prepare them for their role as a woman in the marriage and give them the How-To for dealing with their husband. Where else would women get this information?” (Tweet this)

They can read books, attend a conference or research the internet but nothing downloads the information faster than mentorship.  For Karmely, training a bride-to-be is her passion.  It’s a job she takes very seriously.

“Not everyone can mentor brides,” she warned. “If someone has had a bad relationship and they’re angry with their husband or angry with men in general, people like that can give the wrong message.”

This session took place in an office setting but this coach will go wherever she is summoned.  In fact, she goes all over the country and world, speaking to families and coaching Kallahs (Hebrew for bride). Instead of sitting behind the desk, Karmely moved her chair to sit directly across from her student.  Rothman pulled out her notepad to capture her mentor’s every word.

“In marriage, it is not 50-50,” she stated. “We cannot think in terms of business like if I do this, are you doing that? Women usually give two hundred percent, our hundred and our husband’s hundred.” (Tweet this)

No sugar coating reality here.  This coach is giving it to her straight. Bridal coaches or Kallah Coaches are seasoned wives and in Judaism, they have been teaching engaged women and new wives for hundreds of years.  These leading ladies, pass on traditions, the laws, and practical advice.

“Peace is the number one thing in the home,” instructed the coach. “If your partner is throwing bullets at you, meaning saying things that really hurt, because it can.  Throw flowers meaning, not passive aggressive!  Try saying, I don’t want to get into fights with you.  In my many years of marriage,” she continues.  “The husband and wife cannot be angry together.  One side might be more upset.  The other one has to buy their time until that person calms down.  We have to learn to say I won’t speak now, I’ll wait until I can control what I say.”

This is an important lesson that Rothman is committed to applying practically.

“There is absolutely no place for speaking out of anger in a relationship,” she says passionately. “What are the chances that speaking in anger will inspire anyone to change? That is why I’m hoping and praying that based on what I have learned that even if I do get angry about an issue, instead of processing it through emotions like women do, I will take a minimum of 12 hours to process. Instead of flying off the handle in heat of the moment, I will wait to logically explain to my husband what made me angry.”

After the class, she feels prepared to handle the task ahead.

“The class gives me the tools and understanding of what it takes to be the pillar of my home,” she explains.

The woman is the pillar. They are in training, so what about the men you may ask?
“Women are not second class citizens,” said Karmely. “Our grooms go through training as well.  When a husband gets married he has to sign a document saying he’s obligated to provide his wife with food, clothing, and intimacy.  All her needs must be met.”

Men who become husbands are held to a high standard.  One of his important roles is reading or singing to his wife.

“Every Friday night the husband reads her a poem or sings to her, Eishes Chayil/A Woman of Might.” stated Karmely.

The words are written by King Solomon and in the bible it is Proverbs 31.  Some men sing it at their weddings, check out youtube for lots of really moving moments, where all the men are helping the groom to sing to his bride.

“Basically, he is praising his wife and thanking her for being who she is and what she does,” stated Karmely. “She is the foundation of the home and without her, there is no home.”

Older wives teaching younger wives is actually a biblical instruction in the new testament.  As in business, studies show that most people who succeed has a mentor and for marriage, it is no different.

“Marriage is the most significant role one will ever take up. It’s the beginning of starting your family life and being responsible for another human being on this earth and treating them right,” admonished Karmely. “How can anybody do that effectively and consistently without training?

Here is a video of Eishes Chayil:

Do you remember how receiving flowers or receiving a kind gesture made you feel? Special, elated, surprised, appreciated, all of the above?  Good, love does that to us.  

Love in marriage is sacred, if you are a struggling wife get an expert wife to help you through the rough patch.  If you are a struggling husband,  an older man who you admire with a good marriage can help you too.  Don’t go it alone.

Guys, can you imagine what reading a poem once per week, praising your woman could do for your wife?  I believe it has the same effect as receiving roses, gifts or doing an act of kindness.  We’ve heard the statement, “Happy wife, happy life.” You sir, are fully loaded to water your wife with refreshing words to energize her.  Imagine her becoming a graceful pillar in a palace.  Your words can do that!  Remember that she is your crown King, make her shine!  If you are a wordsmith, you already have the tools, now use it.  If you are not, get started by printing the English translation of Eishes Chayil and read it to her once per week.

Ladies you are not short of words but instead of the critical ones how about finding more affirming ones?  Life and death are in the power of the tongue per the scriptures. Seeds of power that can kill your relationship or build it up.  Lord help us daily to intentionally speak words to build and not kill.  Understand that killing your husband is killing yourself. But building him up, oh girl, you have the power to bring him messages of joy instead of doom, change his languid spirit to a praising heart, you can turn his perspective from a negative to positive, you can mend a broken heart to a healed one.  Your words can raise him up out of the wreckage.  I am getting excited thinking about the transformational power in our mouths.

We can turn the tide.  Let’s make next month criticism and judgment free zone.  Instead once per week, make intentional deposits praising and thanking your beloved.

Let’s start now by making this daily affirmation,  “Every day in every way, my spouse is getting better!”

Can’t find the words?  To plant seeds of love in your family, buy this Daily Inspirational to guide you.

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Bombarded by difficulty?

This is my 20th year living in the United States and every day I am still learning the culture. Since it is February, I got a little curious about Black History Month. Where I am from, there is not a designated month for people because of their race. So I did some digging to find out the significance of this recognition.

The pioneer and “Father of Black History month” is Carter G. Woodson. Born in 1875 in Virginia, this kid started out helping his parents as a sharecropper and miner. Yet his mother turned his focus to the power of faith and education. So at 20 years old, he started High School. Knowing he was behind Woodson powered through and completed the four-year diploma in half the time. Obviously a gifted student his parents moved around to give him the best opportunity.

The best opportunity was not necessarily easily accessible. Remember there were restrictive laws on education, on public accommodations, housing, employment, transportation, hospitals to name a few. This was no easy feat. Black people did not have certain freedoms. To preserve their lives, they had to be the help or stay out of sight.

Yet Woodson got a solid education, moved away to teach in the Philippines and stayed in action until he got his Ph.D. from Harvard. Though this is summarized I cannot begin to imagine how much mental strength, faith, and perseverance it took for him to accomplish these things. But I also understand that he had support, his own drive, and divine guidance.

He became a historian and wrote multiple books to bring black history out of the shadows and into the light. First, he lobbied to get a week to celebrate the accomplishments, then he pushed for a month. He chose February because it is the month Abraham Lincoln was born.  He eventually succeeded.

Can you imagine an America without acknowledging the contributions of successful black people? Can you imagine if kids had no role models that powered through impossible circumstances and through education changed the course of their lives and created a legacy for following generations? Thanks to Carter G. Woodson we don’t have to find out.

So when you ask the question, what is the big deal, like I did, every time you see an image of someone celebrated remember we can all learn from their lives. They all had someone to cultivate greatness in them. Someone took the time when they were children to promote swimming against the current because difficult situations will always be present but humans were built to tackle hard things. A mother or father practiced seeking divine guidance when faced with insurmountable problems. After praying they listened for the answers and took action towards the solution. After completing one accomplishment, these people kept pushing themselves higher! And boy oh boy, they did fly!

Today, I pay tribute to Carter G. Woodson.


Whose life can you learn from? Who can you pay tribute to? Find a black role model today and share a quote from them that inspires you on social media or in the comment below! Share this rich history with your kids or the kids around you, so they can also learn because this is the universal truth we were made to tackle hard things! (Philippians 4:13)

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With Love,

Your Inspiration Mentor

Mind Power


My grandma is 95. Always active, she earned the name “physical Mother Ford.”  My motivation to encourage others came from my Grandma. No matter how low you felt, she could inject inspiration & prayer into your life.

2016 was rough for her. She had two hip surgeries. Though her mind was sharp, her body surrendered to the realities of getting older. For months she went through depression.  Walking seemed impossible and falling felt inevitable. She refused to try to move, if someone didn’t move her. She did physical therapy every week, but that was it!
Grandma called on Sunday with some news. She said, “Honey, I’ve been talking to the Lord.” I knew from that statement that grandma was about to testify about a miracle. She continued, “Lord I am moving before the end of the month. So when I woke up this morning, I sat up.”

I want you to understand that this is the first miracle. She refuses to move without help. Always too tired. Literally crying if her helpers didn’t get to her a second after she called.
She continued the story, “I tried to move again but couldn’t. Then I said, in the name of Jesus I am moving today. Honey, I pressed my fist into the bed and I felt my arms charge up. Honey, guess what, your grandma got up on her feet and shuffled to the walker.”

At this point, I am shouting for joy, the kids are clapping 👏. We started singing, both kids joined in and then ran to play a song on the piano. There is literally a party in my house.
W. Clement Stone in his book, Success through a Positive Mental Attitude states “The power of mental thinking is not creative unless it is followed through with action.”

The scriptures says it this way, Faith without works is dead.”

So obstacles are a given in life, but if you learn to expect them, put a system down to work around them and really power through when the obstacle appears, success will be yours. It is for those who dare to swim against the current.

But how do you swim? Like my grandma, she shifted her thinking. She flipped the switch of her mind to a positive mental attitude. She then put a goal in place with a deadline for when she would accomplish the goal. Then every day she got up and sang, prayed to fill up her spirit with hope. At the same time she chipped away and eventually eliminated the negative mental attitude. Once her mind got stronger, she moved into action by speaking life into her very numb feet. That’s when God showed up to help his weak daughter.

She achieved a baby step success last weekend. And ever since then, she is turning up the volume on encouraging herself.

She’s not walking yet but guess what, she’s preparing to and I don’t doubt that she will. Like a plane on the runway, that’s my grandma. Take off is coming, wait for it…


What limiting situation/s are you facing? Maybe something that seems so widespread, you have come to accept it as normal. Is it limited resources? A broken dream? Loneliness? Depression? Or like grandma learning to walk again at 95 years old. You know your limitation. How can you begin to think about it positively? What words can you say to yourself to remind yourself out loud that you are moving away from the limited place? When is your deadline? What action will you join with your faith? Now move!

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With love, your inspiration sister!

You can soar in 2017

We have just come from a season of giving. Boxes and bags beautifully decorated with bows, all placed under a gorgeously lit Christmas Tree. The smell of freshly baked treats fills the air, the glistening ornaments reflecting the lights and warm feelings of family gathering together. Some are exchanging gifts, happiness in the heart and tingles on the skin. It is a joyful euphoria. Feelings only reserved for the “most wonderful time of the year.”

Now that the season of giving is over, is it possible to carry those wonderful feelings throughout the year? I don’t know about you, but I want to carry my Christmas high throughout 2017. I like the way it makes me feel.

So what actions can I take to replicate the experience?

Decide to give intentionally

At thanksgiving dinner, my sister-in-law gave me a big hug. I love hugs, so I melted in her embrace because she gives the best hugs. Immediately her lovely aroma captivated me. I had to get the name of that fragrance. I did and tried to commit it to memory. For the rest of the night, I could not stop thinking and talking about it. Absolutely divine.

In the stretch between thanksgiving and Christmas, one evening I came home from work and decided to give my husband words of encouragement. You see I’m really blessed to have him in my life, my kids are blessed and I wanted him to know that I am grateful. I wanted to replace my criticism or at times negativity with uplifting words. Exchanging vows on our wedding day was sacred and I wanted this moment to be sacred do I spoke to his soul from mine.

The next day after a long day at work, I came home exhausted. Dropped my bag and sat down at the kitchen table. On the table, I noticed a bag, I checked it, there was a box. I opened the box and found an unexpected surprise. Yes, you guessed it, it was the cologne.

As tired as I was, receiving a gift without ties to an obvious celebration, gave me such a boost of energy. I sprung to my feet and ran to give him a big hug.

Giving triggers Joy

I realized that acts of kindness arouse feelings of joy. When you give to someone when they least expect it, it gives them wings. So, what can you give away? Can you inspire a friend? Can you motivate a co-worker? Can you give your parent a hug or pickup the phone and say something meaningful? How about giving your time to help someone? Can you bring a busy boss coffee? Whatever you decide to do, it all has the same results.

Can you make a habit of giving? (Tweet this @radicalmediaex1)

Reverend Leontine Kelly says it best, “Acquire the habit of giving. Give intelligently and freely. I owe it to myself to give every day of my life.”

So today, think of something you can give away and add it to your calendar. To make it a habit, add a nightly reminder to your calendar asking the question, “What can I give tomorrow?” Then answer it.

Action Challenge

For today only, I give to you a gift, to spread the joy from my heart to yours. If you sign up on my contacts page, my January Daily Inspiration plan is yours for free. I promise it will refresh you for each day and give you practical steps to stay recharged. Also be on the lookout for February’s Picture Scripture Daily Inspiration. It is coming soon.

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