MY GOD: More than a belief, An Experience

Here’s a sneak peek of my book!!!! TRAILER   INTRODUCTION I have produced documentaries for CNN for more than a decade.  Storytelling is in my blood, born in Kingston Jamaica, when I was in high school I devoured Sidney Sheldon’s suspense novels. It’s not until doing research for this book, I discovered that he wasContinue reading “MY GOD: More than a belief, An Experience”


  SUMMARY: Many people claim they believe in God.  That means they have a firm conviction in the truth that He exists. The most common way they demonstrate this belief is by joining organized religion, where a community of people follow the practice of putting their faith and trust in the creator.  From the outside looking in,Continue reading “BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: eBook RELEASE”

For Every Woman in the World

Happy International Women’s Day!   Today, I honor every woman, everywhere.  Take a look at the following video.   It specifically inspired me because it was words of encouragement coming from a man.  As you all know in one of my blogs I started a 30 Day Husband Encouragement Challenge.  I invited you all toContinue reading “For Every Woman in the World”

Finding courage in your next chapter

Let’s start out with a praise! I strongly believe that the path to the next chapter of our lives and our career requires that we make a transition. For ladies, as girls, we are taught from early, “Go to school, get an education, so you can get a good job.” I’ve personally heard that forContinue reading “Finding courage in your next chapter”

Let there be life… in our marriages

Let’s start by having 10 minutes of gratitude. Make a list of at least 7 things.  Express your thanks to the Lord for all of it. Today it is my intention to speak life into families. Starting with wives and husbands. Most people think when a woman marries, she is lucky. She is a brideContinue reading “Let there be life… in our marriages”

In 2018, get ahead of your struggles

Do you ever wonder if the struggle you face is permanent?  Is there only lack and shortage in the area of your finances when you’re working hard to increase your top line?  Is there an area of your life where you’re looking for hope, but instead all that is manifesting is hopelessness? We’ve all heardContinue reading “In 2018, get ahead of your struggles”

When life stinks

If you are reading this, it means you woke up this morning.  You my friend, opened your eyes. You can see the sky. You have breath and life. Let’s listen this together. Thanks for coming back to my blog.  The trials of life often takes front and center of our thoughts– everything that’s going wrongContinue reading “When life stinks”

Tit-for-tat is a bad strategy

Welcome to your safe space. My friends, I’m not sure what the weather is like for you today, but where I am it has been raining all day.  Spring showers are here! My pastor calls it liquid sunshine. In last week’s blog, we explored the struggle of broken people.  Today, let us examine broken relationships.Continue reading “Tit-for-tat is a bad strategy”

The Ultimate Comeback from a Broken Heart

Life is a journey of unexpected blows— broken hearts can lead to devastating outcomes.  The dictionary defines broken as violently separated into parts; completely shattered like broken glass. Disappointment can also shatter our expectations and shake our core until we’re bowled over in pain. Like when a parent abandons a child; when a relationship shatters;Continue reading “The Ultimate Comeback from a Broken Heart”


The transition between winter and spring can be riddled with storms. Nature essentially is waking up from a few months of sleep; trees are resurrecting back to life and gray dark skies are turning blue again. Where I live in the south that means the air is saturated with massive amounts of pollen that oftenContinue reading “MOVING FORWARD IN THE STORM”