Let there be life… in our marriages

Let’s start by having 10 minutes of gratitude. Make a list of at least 7 things.  Express your thanks to the Lord for all of it. Today it is my intention to speak life into families. Starting with wives and husbands. Most people think when a woman marries, she is lucky. She is a brideContinue reading “Let there be life… in our marriages”

In 2018, get ahead of your struggles

Do you ever wonder if the struggle you face is permanent?  Is there only lack and shortage in the area of your finances when you’re working hard to increase your top line?  Is there an area of your life where you’re looking for hope, but instead all that is manifesting is hopelessness? We’ve all heardContinue reading “In 2018, get ahead of your struggles”

5 steps to tackling disappointment immediately

Let’s start off with a heart opening song today. Disappointment is certain in this life. It has been my Achilles heel since childhood. Today, I’m going to blog about my struggle with this D-word. I learned very early from adults to expect disappointment. I’ll get into the details in my upcoming book. Maybe I’m theContinue reading “5 steps to tackling disappointment immediately”

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