An abnormal new norm

A monster pandemic has been unleashed upon the world. Weeks of quarantine. School, work, everything… from home. Hospitals overwhelmed. Loved ones overran by a virus, resulting in virtual or drive by funerals from the sidewalk. For me, the new norm is like an animated horror movie in slo-mo. Does anyone else feel like we’re stuckContinue reading “An abnormal new norm”

LIFE’S ROLLERCOASTERS (Climbing through fear)

Welcome back. Today I’m thankful for a new day. A day, I’ve never seen before or will ever see again. In the book, The Secret Door to Success, by Florence Scovel Shinn, she tells this story. Shinn went to visit her friend in Brooklyn. Her friend loved to do strange things and asked her toContinue reading “LIFE’S ROLLERCOASTERS (Climbing through fear)”

Cancer Action Month

No matter how much of a planner you are, no one is ever ready for these words, “You have cancer.” When Cancer Strikes This year I had two different experiences, an aunt battling cancer announced in a WhatsApp family group chat that she had been suffering with cancer and woke up daily with intense pain.Continue reading “Cancer Action Month”

Lonely Girl?

Sometimes we can feel completely alone. Abandoned, Broken and Confused— because a father is not close by and mother has to work all the time. Why am I alone you ask? Why did he turn his back on us, why me? That place of why— So dark So deep So painful In that place asContinue reading “Lonely Girl?”

You are Important

Great morning family. If you have ever felt, rejected, forsaken and abandoned. Believe and receive this today. YOU ARE CHOSEN NOT FORSAKEN YOU ARE LOVED EVEN WITH EVERY FLAW & EVERY IMPERFECTION YOU ARE NOT ABANDONED YOU ARE NOT A MISTAKE YOU ARE TREASURED, A MASTERPIECE, FULL OF AWE & WONDER YOUR LOVE, YOUR LAUGHTER,Continue reading “You are Important”

Why do we act like we’re here forever?

Blessed day! It’s mother’s day. Right now, many have sent flowers. Others will be taking their mothers out. Some will be buying gifts, bringing breakfast in bed but most will basically be doing anything they can to honor their mommy, mama, mom. If you are a mother, good morning precious! I honor you for yourContinue reading “Why do we act like we’re here forever?”

Woman don’t you dear suffer in silence

I grew up around a tribe of women–grandma, her four sisters, and my mom. What I learned first hand is this, when women get together and make a plan, you better watch out! But today, I’m writing about something that women often bury that many of us do not see. Women, particularly the more matureContinue reading “Woman don’t you dear suffer in silence”

History maker in my family

Can you imagine how you would feel if you had a history maker in your family?  Today’s blog post is from one of my dear friends, Mrs. Joy-Ann Brown. Her husband made history this past weekend and she shares the very special moment with us. Let’s celebrate with her! I’m so excited to share herContinue reading “History maker in my family”

My Thanksgiving gift to you

For God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory. For most of us, when we pray, we make a request to God, asking him to meet our needs.  If there is a problem, we ask for the solution. If we’re facing a big decision we ask for guidance. Have you receivedContinue reading “My Thanksgiving gift to you”

Do you want to win at Life?

Friends, have you ever read a book that you wish everybody in the world would read? Well I have one for you. My best friend shared it with me. Now my hubby and I are reading it. I suspect my kids will be reading it. I’ve shared it with my siblings. Yes, it’s great! It’sContinue reading “Do you want to win at Life?”

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