My Thanksgiving gift to you

For God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory. For most of us, when we pray, we make a request to God, asking him to meet our needs.  If there is a problem, we ask for the solution. If we’re facing a big decision we ask for guidance. Have you receivedContinue reading “My Thanksgiving gift to you”

Do you want to win at Life?

Friends, have you ever read a book that you wish everybody in the world would read? Well I have one for you. My best friend shared it with me. Now my hubby and I are reading it. I suspect my kids will be reading it. I’ve shared it with my siblings. Yes, it’s great! It’sContinue reading “Do you want to win at Life?”

Experience the Power of Your Metamorphosis

When the movie Black Panther released in the theaters, people showed up to show support, week after week after week.  No one knew what to expect. Yet, there was much excitement in the air.  Some children went as far as dressing up as Kings and Queens. The community showed up in full force. Something oldContinue reading “Experience the Power of Your Metamorphosis”

Cleansing conversations are necessary

  This picture was taken when I was a toddler.  I don’t really remember it, but from the look on my face and my father, we looked happy.  He’s looking at me with adoring eyes.  I have the biggest smile.  Then somewhere life got really complicated.  I didn’t see him that often. In fact, throughoutContinue reading “Cleansing conversations are necessary”

Letter to my love on our 14th year wedding anniversary

When I was engaged to be married, an Italian co-worker schooled me about the 7-year itch. Yet 7 under God means the complete opposite. It is a number of perfection. God’s perfection. In 7 days He planned the logistics and created a world with mini me versions of Himself. So I hoped for some levelContinue reading “Letter to my love on our 14th year wedding anniversary”

Don’t let LIES distract your destiny

“Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth. (3 John‬ ‭1:2‬ ‭‬) Have you ever read the above verse and knew beyond the shadow of doubt, that God wants you to prosper? I do, in fact it makes me so happy about the prosperityContinue reading “Don’t let LIES distract your destiny”

Relationships are important… One is vital

This blog is a bit longer than usual.  Please bear with me, I am taking you somewhere very important.  I love this poem check it out. For me, the most vital relationship in my life is not physical in nature.  In fact, it’s a close-knit connection with a spirit.  For some people, the idea ofContinue reading “Relationships are important… One is vital”

Mother: Give honor where it’s due

    I have a good relationship with my mother now, it wasn’t always that way.  Growing up, she was the most loving person I knew.  In fact, she expressed lots of love and affection towards me, whenever she was around. My mother was the breadwinner for our family and what that meant was sheContinue reading “Mother: Give honor where it’s due”

Does your inner child need healing?

Childhood can expose many people to trauma!  Some of it intentional, majority of it is a product of life happening.  Things like unexpected absence, adults lost in their own world, or stuck in ignorance, can expose a child to pain and suffering of epic proportions. Some kids implode, some stutter, some try to find aContinue reading “Does your inner child need healing?”


Hello friends.  I am sharing part of chapter three of my new book.  I wrote this chapter for those like me, who grew up without a father present in their home.  But first watch this video. 3 DIVINE DADDY What is the role of father? How can a girl from a fatherless home know whatContinue reading “WHERE IS YOUR DADDY?”

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