The Ultimate Comeback from a Broken Heart

Life is a journey of unexpected blows— broken hearts can lead to devastating outcomes.  The dictionary defines broken as violently separated into parts; completely shattered like broken glass. Disappointment can also shatter our expectations and shake our core until we’re bowled over in pain. Like when a parent abandons a child; when a relationship shatters;Continue reading “The Ultimate Comeback from a Broken Heart”

Birthday Celebration 

Sharing my best friend’s blog today, because real joy is truly contagious!  She’s a woman in her 40’s embracing her new chapter.  As you know I struggled with turning the Big Four O.  It’s like I had entered the ancient ruins to the tombs of life.  I know dramatic right? That’s my experience and asContinue reading “Birthday Celebration “


The transition between winter and spring can be riddled with storms. Nature essentially is waking up from a few months of sleep; trees are resurrecting back to life and gray dark skies are turning blue again. Where I live in the south that means the air is saturated with massive amounts of pollen that oftenContinue reading “MOVING FORWARD IN THE STORM”

STORYTIME:  Every woman needs a mentor for marriage

As love month is coming to a close, I want to take the opportunity to share this story with you. It is my intention to keep the love flowing in our lives next month and beyond.  Although this story is about women from a different religion, I believe we can learn something about strengthening marriages.Continue reading “STORYTIME:  Every woman needs a mentor for marriage”

Bombarded by difficulty?

Murphy’s Law says anything that can go wrong will. Are obstacles overwhelming you? Do you want to just give up or dig your heels in and push through? Read how one man powered through insurmountable difficulties.

Mind Power

  My grandma is 95. Always active, she earned the name “physical Mother Ford.”  My motivation to encourage others came from my Grandma. No matter how low you felt, she could inject inspiration & prayer into your life. 2016 was rough for her. She had two hip surgeries. Though her mind was sharp, her bodyContinue reading “Mind Power”

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