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A fun book for children, written by a child.


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Far away beyond our universe, where time is beyond our time, is the land of Golgar. Golgarians live to be hundreds of thousands of years in the land of rainbow seas.

The people have no last names and families are guided by a divine being. He knows their secrets and also the powers of the G-Fighters. The mighty seven protects Golgar from enemies and monsters.

Raygon is their fearless leader.

But when his mother gets kidnapped, the boy leader must search the galaxy to find her.

He faces obstacles, monsters of his thoughts come alive, as he journey’s to the scariest place in deep dark space.

Challenges, fights and coming face to face with his greatest enemy Chaos, Raygon is pushed to the limit. He discovers new supernatural powers to help him stay on his quest.
Driven to find his mom before it’s too late, the boy will do whatever it takes!
What would you do if your mom went missing? See what Raygon did.

The Cosmic Quest is a fast-paced, anime, sci-fi adventure set in the planet of Golgar, rich with mighty protectors, family dynamics, monsters, rainbow seas & people. If you enjoy suspense adventures with a superhero twist, download a sample or buy now.
From soon-to-be bestselling mystery fiction author T.A. Matherson, comes the first novel in The Cosmic Quest series. Come along with Raygon on this adventure to solve this mystery in space.