These Queens have the most authentic sauce for our everyday life! It’s the type of raw & unfiltered convo that we often times have with our best friends & sisters. Must listen! Start your week off right! (J. Samuels March 2021)

This is a breath of fresh air, I love listening to you guys, it’s like a friend zone. Keep doing a wonderful job.(Jahseiah, April 2021)

Sharing your experiences about your relationships as being a mother, wife and daughter helped me reflect on some aspects in my life that was buried. Made me reevaluate and look at it from another perspective. (Mrs. Durrant, May 2021)


We are Transparent, Truth Tellers, with an Insightful message for the masses of women craving a safe space to share and glean wisdom for everyday living.  Introducing the Beloved Queens, of The Beloved Queens Podcast, and we invite you to journey in partnership with us to kick off Season 2!

In Season 1 (13 Episodes March – May 2021), we explored abandonment, overcoming selfishness, and new marriage issues.  This next season is jammed packed with
insights for families of color, including the male relationship point of view, living through loss, and bouncing back after losing love.

This space is perfect to highlight your great work to our global listening audience, therefore, we’d like to offer the following sponsorship opportunities.

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About us

This podcast is a safe space for women to find encouragement to navigate the transitions of life. The hosts are three Jamaican immigrant wives, mothers and business professionals in Atlanta. Get ready for thought-provoking conversations, stories and tips to dispel relationship myths. The intention is to be real about what it takes to build healthy unique relationships as black women with yourself and those you love. You should listen if you are a woman who feels lost, overwhelmed, and needs help. If the cookie-cutter advice is not working for you. If research is not your thing, and if you’re longing to leave the darkness behind and live in the light. Beloved, this podcast is for you.


USA – 82% 

The remaining 18% are scattered across Jamaica, Canada, Cayman Islands, UK, France, Antigua, Mexico and Colombia 

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