The Musical Storyteller


Everybody has a story. I’m Seymour Heron and at five years old I lost my father.  So from an early age loss seemed familiar, while love unfamiliar. After years of experiencing loss, I met my sweetie, my wife, and finally danced with love.  Her love has been my music.
When I started to play the sax ten years ago, I committed to the music. After many years, I now play musical stories for the soundtrack of life.  Whether it’s music to celebrate a milestone, serenading a mother, a couple, the passing of a life well lived, it takes listeners toward wholeness and heal their brokenness. It brings love when loss is present.  It celebrates milestones that bring people together.  The musical stories draws in people on the outside looking in, so they can feel the warmth of belonging. Entertainment by the Musical Storyteller will paint a picture that raises your sights and spirits.
We all have our favorite music.  I play music that will heal and inspire your soul.


The musical storyteller brings your events to life.  From soulful, engaging, and exciting live performances, to tunes that will set the atmosphere for your event. I bring you inspirational, entertaining music customized with you and your guests in mind.
Whether it’s an intimate setting or a conference… Wedding … Wine & Cheese Party… Fund Raiser… Anniversary Celebration… Family Reunion… Business meeting… Graduation …
Church/Government functions and also funerals… It will be unforgettable.
I travel to anywhere in the Caribbean and the USA.


My clients call me dependable and easy to trust.  I’m altruistic, value responsibility, spiritual, with high ethics. I’m determined to let my music transform this world into a better place than I found it.

Package Details

My package includes:  A customized unforgettable performance, my assistant sweetie, P.A. system, a standing microphone and speakers to amplify the sound for up to 100 people.
Payment are accepted as follows:
50% deposit is due upon booking my services.
Final payment is due on the day before the event.

TO BOOK: $799.99


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  1. How long?
  1. In whose honor?

Motivation & Mission

Blow these trumpets for your special meetings, New Moon celebrations, and all your happy times together.  This will be a special way for your God to remember you. I command you to do this; I am the Lord your God.”
‭‭Numbers‬ ‭10:10‬ ‭ERV
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