Video Tutorial

Online Lesson

Amplified Minority Media Professional

30 Minutes

•In this course, Tina shares what she has learned about discovering her individual strengths and leveraging them for creative impact.  You will discover your unique talents and skills, and use them to amplify your creative voice and vision, in your unique way.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Your Strengths
  • Sharpen Your Skills and Talents
  • Silence Self Doubt
  • Step into the Spotlight

Tina Matherson
Award-Winning Producer

• I am a storyteller.  Whether it’s a documentary, a book, or blog, my career always lands me in opportunities to kickstart a project.  In network TV I launched diversity initiatives, my team and I produced Black in America, Latino in America and Children for Sale: The Fight to End Human Trafficking. In 2019, I produced a docuseries podcast on race. It’s been 14-plus years since I’ve produced distinguished award-winning documentaries for a national network and also mentored media professionals.

I’m based in Atlanta.

Video, Journal & Book

Self Paced

60 Minutes

True Trust

Watch my inspirational video — True Trust.

Unboxing Her

An animated short showing the many boxes women find themselves in — Unboxing Her.

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